Wow! CDC Announces That Only 6% of the 330,000 “COVID-Deaths” Were Actually Caused by COVID

The COVID-19 death toll has been a major topic of discussion as of late. We are headed for the 350,000 mark before we know it and this is causing Americans to become quite fearful. PBS is the government’s preferred channel and they have been carrying the water for them throughout the course of the pandemic.

Instead of placing the blame on the Chinese as they should, the pandemic is simply referred to as COVID-19. China is not mentioned, for reasons that do not make sense to anyone who has been paying close attention for the past few months. They have done everything in their power to shirk their responsibility to the rest of the world.

PBS reporters do not agree and they are offering up faulty information. Just take a closer look at this load of hooey. “The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention made the announcement last night to help prevent the spread of new highly contagious COVID variants in Britain. That comes as the U.S. death toll surpassed 330,000. And hospitalizations nationwide hit a new record high yesterday, more than 120,000,” PBS says.

So why is this reporting so questionable? The reason is easier to wrap your mind around than you may think. The CDC has already debunked the crazy ideas that PBS is shilling to their impressionable viewers. According to them, only 6 percent of all COVID-19 related deaths can actually be attributed to the virus itself.

This reporting took place in August and it is still not being acknowledged by anyone who wants the virus to run its course. We are being told that we need to stay indoors because of this terrible pandemic but we are not being given any sort of information that we can use. The message that the mainstream media is providing is easily understood but that does not mean that anyone likes it.

We are being told to be afraid, very afraid. However, CDC reports take into account all of the other conditions that a patient may have had that led to their death. State and local governments are taking deaths that have nothing to do with COVID-19 and filing them into the wrong column. They are using these deaths as a tool to keep people more frightened so that they can issue even more draconian restrictions.

The statistics are being bent and molded to meet their needs, which is already sad enough. The worst part of all is that the powers that be are fully aware of just how hard of a year it’s been for everyone. Instead of trying their best to help everyone return to normalcy, the numbers that we all rely upon are being corrupted.

Even the CDC does not agree with how things are being done right now and we are waiting until there is an even greater backlash. If the CDC is supposed to be trusted during these moments of distress, why are they not being trusted now? It’s as if state and national officials are in cahoots and they have decided to only talk about the numbers that are advancing their chosen narrative.

The statistics say that nearly 350,000 Americans have died. The CDC numbers are a bit different. Do the math on the aforementioned number if you don’t believe us. If only 6 percent of these people have passed away because of COVID-19, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that the real number is much, much lower than the one that the media has been providing to us.

The mainstream media has had a bizarre fixation on the pandemic all year. It’s like they are worried it will go away and they won’t have anything else left to talk about. The elections are over and the winter weather should go a long way towards putting a stop to all of the protesting. Now, what we all need is a reprieve from all of the nonstop lying about the pandemic.