Wonder Why? After Biden Win Dems Don’t Want to Hear the Truth from Mueller Any Longer


The House Dems are at it again and we cannot stop laughing at their all too predictable antics. First, they claimed that it was all about integrity and they did not care about the election. Then, it was “well maybe the investigation was ruined by the election”. They cannot seem to make up their minds, no matter how hard they try.

CBS News is on hand with more. “The Democratic-led House Judiciary Committee is requesting the Supreme Court delay oral arguments in a closely watched dispute over the disclosure of secret grand jury materials from special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election, citing President-elect Joe Biden’s victory over President Trump and the start of a new Congress in January,” according to their recent report.

That was not all, though. “Lawyers for House Democrats asked the court in a filing Tuesday to remove the case from its December 2020 argument calendar, as pushing back the oral argument currently set for December 2 “would be in the best interest of the parties and the court and may conserve judicial resources,” says CBS News.

“The committee’s investigations into misconduct by President Trump, oversight of agency activities during the Trump administration, and consideration of related legislative reforms have remained ongoing. But a new Congress will convene in the first week of January 2021, and President-elect Biden will be inaugurated on January 20, 2021,” House lawyers wrote. “Once those events occur, the newly constituted committee will have to determine whether it wishes to continue pursuing the application for the grand-jury materials that gave rise to this case.”

Even Politico saw fit to weigh in on this and Kyle Cheney chimed in with a very obvious observation. “The filing suggests the House is broadly reconsidering its posture toward Trump-era investigations in light of Biden’s election victory. The House is also in court attempting to obtain Trump’s financial records and tax returns and to force his former White House counsel Don McGahn — a star witness in Mueller’s obstruction of justice investigation — to testify.

An aide to Judiciary Chair Jerry Nadler told POLITICO recently that Nadler intends to pursue the McGahn deposition even after Trump leaves office as part of an effort to implement protections from political interference in the Justice Department.

But the Judiciary Committee’s effort to obtain Mueller’s grand jury information is one of the House’s longest continuing legal actions of the Trump era,” says Cheney. Are the Democrats going to be willing to bet the House on this sort of thing? We would not be betting on that. They focused too much of their attention on Trump during the election cycle and experienced numerous other losses as a result.

The Democrats regain the White House but their House majority is slim. They do not have control of the Senate, either. Joe Biden will also need to start showing his voters that he can score some much-needed wins when it comes to legislation. If the Democrats are going to keep on beating the same dead horses that got them in the mess in the first place, they are only going to lose more credibility.

Biden is not going to want to vacate a lawsuit at this point. That’s a terrible precedent to establish at the start of a presidency. If Biden does not properly value the buffers between each branch of government, he is going to be in for a wide range of issues. Any missteps now could set the stage for the Republicans to take back control of the legislative branch during the midterm elections in two years.

What are the Democrats even going to uncover at this point? Mueller left no stone unturned. They are on a fishing expedition of the ages now. Sure, they may have beaten Trump but this victory could come at the expense of some long-term plans. Shifty Schiff is the only one who is going to continue to obsess over this….his loss.