Within 24 Hours Biden Breaks His Promise to Unions…the Keystone Pipeline Is No More

Direct cash payments. Extended unemployment. Rent relief. Food assistance. Aid to small businesses. Keeping essential frontline workers on the job. These are a few of the promises made by President Joe Biden, but in a matter of only hours, he is already proving how it was all just campaign talk.

It took a mere 24-hours in office for Biden to send the price of gasoline soaring, and to eliminate thousands of jobs by putting the nix on fracking. The biggest loser of his ban is the notorious Keystone Pipeline. The question now is how many more hours will it take for the new administration to bankrupt America’s already flailing economy as we helplessly watch?

Conservative political commentator Joel Pollack expressed his feeling on Twitter. “The pipefitters’ union @battleground_ua is mad that @JoeBiden killed Keystone XL and, with it, tens of thousands of jobs. The union endorsed Biden for president. Biden has questions to answer. But so does the union leadership.”

Putting a halt to the pipeline’s construction just destroyed a total of 42,000 good-paying American jobs. The United Association of Union Plumbers and Pipefitters, who was responsible for hiring for the project, had already brought on 11,000 employees with plans to fill the remaining positions as construction efforts were ramped up.

The union, never being the type to back down from a fight, issued this statement with reference to Biden’s decision: “ ‘In revoking this permit, the Biden Administration has chosen to listen to the voices of fringe activists instead of union members and the American consumer on Day 1.”

“Let me be very clear: When built with union labor by the men and women of the United Association, pipelines like Keystone XL remain the safest and most efficient modes of energy transportation in the world. Sadly, the Biden Administration has now put thousands of union workers out of work.”

“For the average American family, it means energy costs will go up and communities will no longer see the local investments that come with pipeline construction,’ said Mark McManus, General President of the United Association.”

One aspect Biden surely must not have considered is how by eliminating the pipeline, he is, in turn, eliminating America’s oil independence, which puts us right back to depending on foreign nations. The ones where residents wear turbans and burn American flags.

One Twitter user summed things up perfectly by tweeting: “He’s going to unite America by putting everyone in the unemployment line and begging the government for money.” Some might refer to this as Socialism. Just saying…

Senator Ted Cruz, as is his custom, didn’t even try to hold back his anger when he took Transportation Secretary nominee Pete Buttigieg to the carpet. The pipeline will fall under Buttigieg’s jurisdiction once he is confirmed.

“And with the stroke of a pen, President Biden has told those 11,000 workers, those union workers, ‘Your jobs are gone,”‘ Cruz raged. “Mr. Buttigieg, what do you say to those workers whose jobs have just been eliminated by presidential edict?”

Buttigieg sashayed around the question with a horse turd reply about how Biden’s new climate agenda will add more jobs than the those that will be lost, blah, blah, blah… Cruz retorted, “So, for those workers, the answer is someone else will get a job?”

In November when Biden was begging unions to support his campaign, he pinky-swore promised to give them additional power. Within 24 short little hours, he has shown us how his word is as worthless as a….you finish the sentence…