Wisconsin Under the Gun as President Calls Into Questions Their Election Results

President Trump’s legal team and Sidney Powell continue fighting for justice and fair elections for the American people. The issues of fraud and election interference are so widespread that it could practically destroy Americans’ faith in the honesty of the election cycle if this round of cheating by the Democrats is not challenged and exposed.

The fight continues to the higher courts as three new lawsuits are being filed. Powell filed a suit at the federal level in Wisconsin. From Pennsylvania, Mike Kelly filed a suit with the Supreme Court, and President Trump filed a suit in Wisconsin at their state Supreme Court level. All of these cases challenge the election results and counts because of the fraud that is being discovered.

The liberal courts are not even looking at the evidence that is being presented. They are more concerned with ruling along party lines than standing up and being true Americans. Kelly had his first court case thrown out of the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. The liberals ruin the state just could not accept the fact that they were caught.

Kelly files the matter with the Supreme Court. His petition fell on the desk of Samuel Alito, which is the justice that governs that region. Alito can either deny the case or take it to the full court for review. Either way, he is the last one in line that can further the matter and solve the issue.

President Trump has been saying for months that mail-in ballots were going to be a big issue. And all along the way, several Democrats were caught harvesting ballots for their big night. But there was no media agency that was going to take the matter seriously and report on the developing fraud.

President Trump’s lawsuit says that many of the mail-in ballots are illegal under state law because they were given out to the person without an application being filled out. So, any person could have walked right up and asked for a ballot, and then, later on, they could have also voted in person. No one would have ever known the difference.

He also points out that absentee ballots were done with being certified, and there were some that were corrected by a clerk when they should have been thrown out. There were also 28,395 votes cast where no ID was presented. This means that those votes are illegal under state law.

The Democrats are sly devils. They get their people to allow illegals to vote. They get people to fill out ballots mailed to dead people. And they get people to rig machines to double and triple count votes for their candidates.

The lawsuit also mentions that “These 17,271 absentee ballots were completed and/or delivered to employees of the City of Madison on September 26, 2020, and October 3, 2020, at 206 separate locations in an event dubbed Democracy in the Park.” These votes and others cannot be certified because they are illegal. And that would make President Trump the winner in Wisconsin.

Sidney Powell has the most significant task ahead of her as she is going after the people that are involved in the acts of fraud. But she is even fighting an uphill battle as people that are involved in the case are backing out, acting like they are afraid of the truth. Or they are afraid of being killed by the ones that set the entire scheme up.

These court cases are not just about overturning an election and kicking out Joe Biden because he is cheating. They are about proving to the American people that the system is just and fair. There were acts of fraud committed on small and large levels. The court cases being brought to the judges are designed to flush out the criminality of the actions of those hiding in the shadows.

President Trump promised to protect America and make the country safe for all people. That is precisely what he is doing by fighting the results of the election. He has found that it was rigged, and he must protect the people from having to suffer four years under a man that cheated his way to power. The people did not choose Joe Biden; they voted for Trump to have a second term.