Why the Violence Won’t Stop? Because Democrat’s and the Mainstream Media Need It to Continue

The Sunday edition of Brian Stelter’s Reliable Sources show was filled with imagery from the riots that are taking place in Portland. The riots were also the primary theme of his newsletter that was released on Monday. He believes that the right-wing media is responsible for the skewed coverage, blaming their focus on the Portland violence for what is taking place.

Stetlter describes the group that is currently rioting in Portland as a small group of anarchists. He does not understand why the mainstream media would bother to cover it. Apparently 50 days of protests are not worth any media coverage. That makes a lot of sense!

The Oregonian and other liberal media sources may be willing to downplay what is going on in Portland. We will not be going along with them, though. The host even pulled up a map that was supposed to prove that all of the skirmishes were taking place within a relatively small radius. This approach definitely worked out really well for the people of Seattle.

“The violence isn’t that bad because it’s only taking place within a relatively small region of town” is the same logic that led the Seattle brain trust to make some terrible decisions about protecting their townspeople. The police who are forced to do battle with the Portland rioters are from a variety of different areas on the map.

The idea that these riots exist at a peaceful distance with the rest of the community is a total misnomer. There are hundreds of people who are unable to travel in the manner that they are accustomed to because of the protesters. Why should their needs be ignored at a time like this? The affected areas may not be as sizable as people would like but that does not actually mean anything.

It’s just the liberals’ way of making sure that they are not forced to take responsibility for their actions. Would they apply this same logic to murder or rape? It would be pretty foolish to ignore serious crimes like those if they were taking place within a small radius. The rest of the city is supposed to be concerned with what is going on, regardless of how the liberal think tanks are telling them how to feel.

Roving mobs like these could decide to pack up shop and head just about anywhere. That’s why people are concerned. Instead, they are being told not to worry because the rioters will simply stay put in one area. Stelter took to Twitter to defend himself when he was pressed about his words, but he maintained the same attitude.

He was willing to blame Fox News for their coverage, calling it a “gross exaggeration”. “Right wing media” was also blamed, so Stelter made sure to hit all of the usual buzzwords during his diatribe. The liberals are good at that. They’ll throw around a bunch of phrases that look great on paper that make no real sense when you actually stop to think about them.

What is taking place in Portland right now is a violent movement that is taking root all over the country. This movement is not limited to one city in particular. It is something that should be very concerning to all Americans who stand to be affected. Police officers are being attacked, statues are being torn down and the lawmakers who are responsible for maintaining order are being told to stand down.

It’s a scary time to exist in America for anyone who is tired of the current state of affairs. Fox News is being blamed for what has taken place here but there is only so much finger pointing that can be done. The police are being targeted on a daily basis. Much of the violence and vandalism that is going down in various American cities is aimed in their direction. Would the lefties be talking like this if right wingers were tearing up cities? We highly doubt.