Why is the First Lady Lecturing Anyone, Let Alone Military Families, on Race?

The First Lady seems to be confused as to her role in politics. She should adopt a pet project and support her husband. Each and every First Lady has chosen a project that is meaningful – school nutrition, bullying, and so on.

Dr. Jill Biden has decided that she wants to focus on military families. Yet, she also wants to get involved in COVID vaccines and the Olympics, and foreign affairs.

Pick on, Dr. Biden.

Well, at least for this week, she’s decided that she’ll focus on military families. Yet, what she’s about to lecture them on shows that she’s way out of her depths…and way out of line.

She’ll be lecturing military families on race. Oh, and she’ll have the cast of Sesame Street with her. The U.S. Automobile Association (USAA) has also decided to partner with the First Lady.

Dr. Biden wants to make sure that military families are discussing race with their children. After all, we don’t want any of the military kids to grow up to become bigots and white supremacists, do we?

There’s a problem, though. The military is already the most diverse. If there’s anyone who understands race, it’s military kids. They’re surrounded by diversity on the bases. Their parents know diversity because they live with it every day.

The U.S. military is more diverse than the rest of the federal government as well as the entire American population.

Further, Dr. Biden doesn’t have the best track record with racism in her family. Her husband, when he was still but a Senator, sided with the rural families who didn’t want to see mandatory integration in public schools.

Oh, but that was the 1970s. Things have changed.

Have they? It wasn’t too long ago that Hunter Biden was found to have used the “n-word” on several occasions when he was conversing with his lawyer. He also told his sister he wasn’t interested in dating Asian women because “no yellow.”

Yeah, perhaps Dr. Biden isn’t the best person to be talking about race to military families.

Still, she’ll do it. She’ll do it because she can’t help but shove herself into topics where she doesn’t belong.

The Pentagon has been looking at ways to purge “extremism” throughout the military. Particularly, they’re interested in getting rid of any right-wing extremism. They’re concerned that there were too many service members involved in the January 6 Capitol Riot – even though this has been proven to be a false claim. Only a single active-duty service member was arrested for joining the riots. One active service member is hardly a cause for purging extremism.

Yet, Dr. Biden will jump in to “solve” a problem, even though it simply doesn’t exist.

She’s planning on working with the cast of Sesame Street and USAA so that a new collection of resources become available for military families. This is part of the “Coming Together” initiative that Sesame Street has launched separately to help promote racial literacy.

There are a lot of conflicts. Many in the military feel as though USAA is overstepping. As a private organization, they’re supposed to fulfill the insurance and financial needs of servicemembers. They certainly don’t need to be teaching about race, diversity, and inclusion.

Meanwhile, the First Lady feels as though she needs to step in and do as much as she can. Perhaps if she does more, it will take the spotlight off of her husband for not doing enough.

It’s not working. Perhaps the First Lady should have a talk with her son about racism before she decides to lecture the most culturally