Why Do We Need a Wall? Oh, Right, Drug Smuggling

Leon Rafael/shutterstock.com

President Biden and the rest of his liberal pals in Washington don’t think we need a wall. They are content to let as many illegal aliens into the country as possible. They’ll build walls around the Capitol Building for protection, but whatever – the rest of America can make do.

We were going to have a wall – thanks to Donald Trump. But Biden put that to rest on Day One of getting into the Oval Office. We’re still paying for it, of course – it’s just not getting built.

The problem is that the wall is a necessity. Here’s why: the number of drugs being smuggled across the border each and every day.

Just the other day, the U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers conducted an inspection on a commercial bus that was crossing the Juarez-Lincoln Bridge, going from Mexico to Laredo, Texas.

Nearly $1 million worth of cocaine and meth was stashed on the bus in an attempt to bring it into the U.S.

64 pounds of cocaine was sniffed out by a dog as well as 17 pounds of methamphetamine.

Had the border officers not caught this in a secondary inspection, the bus would have made it into Texas so that those drugs could be distributed around the country.

Thanks to Biden’s “catch and release” program, we’re seeing illegal immigrants in virtually every city and state. And why? Because Biden is using federal money to distribute them. These are people who have actually ignored our immigration laws, made their way into the country, and are now getting free flights and bus rides into other parts of the country.

And they’re not just bringing themselves – they’re bringing a significant amount of drugs.

We’ve seen the amount of drug deaths rise in the past year. We’ve also seen drug addiction become more problematic.

Most of the drugs aren’t homegrown. They’re being imported from the southern border – and yet Biden and Harris don’t see a problem. Harris is still trying to figure out the root cause, which she must be doing telepathically since none of the leaders in the Northern Triangle have heard from her in over a year. As for Biden, he’d rather spend millions of dollars every day NOT to build the wall than to allow for the construction that has already been paid for.

And why is Biden being stubborn about it? The wall was Trump’s idea – and Biden has made it his mission to snuff out anything that was created by the Trump administration – even if it means allowing drugs to be smuggled into the country.

Alberto Flores, the port director for the Laredo Port of Entry explained that “Narcotics interdiction continues to be a key component in the CBP border security mission. This significant seizure demonstrates the positive results of our officers’ diligent work and dedication to prevent drugs from crossing the border.”

Luckily, this bus was seized, and its driver was arrested. However, how many times a day, week, or month does a bus and its driver make it through? Based on the constant stories that we hear and all of the illegal drugs that keep showing up, it’s more often than the Biden administration wants to admit.

The liberals in DC might not want to hear it, but with all of the smuggling attempts being made, we need the wall now more than ever.