Why Are Sanctuary Cities Bad? Stabbing Sprees, That’s Why

Liberals continue to push the importance of sanctuary cities. It allows those who are here illegally a chance to escape the law. Why is it that there are politicians who are fighting to keep criminals safe?

It’s one thing to want to protect those who entered the country illegally. Want to make it possible for them to become legal citizens? Fine. But, if those illegal aliens proceed to commit unthinkable crimes while in the U.S., why should they be protected?

For those who need the incentive to rethink sanctuary cities, there’s always enough headlines to highlight the problem. One of the latest? It’s a stabbing spree, and of course, it happened in California.

The land of the liberals is considered a sanctuary state. Literally, the entire state is a safe zone. These poor illegal aliens need a place to stay because their homeland is such a mess. We have to help them. It sounds like a compelling argument until you hear about the hideous crimes that they have committed – on U.S. soil.

A man by the name of Fernando De Jesus Lopez-Garcia has been deported from the United States three times already. He has a violent criminal record.

Sanctuary cities have protected him again and again. Does he learn his lesson? Does he thank the liberals for allowing him to stay?

No. Instead, he stabbed five people inside of Grace Baptist Church, leading to the death of two. He has been arrested and charged with three counts of attempted murder, two counts of first-degree murder, as well as violating his protective order. Oh, and let’s throw on a count of battery for good measure.

Wow, what a stand-up guy. This is the kind of illegal alien that the Department of Homeland Security is targeting. ICE is looking for those who have committed other crimes beyond simply entering the country illegally. And these are the kinds of people that the sanctuary cities want to protect.

Imagine if there was a way that this man could have been arrested and held in a prison to prevent the stabbing spree. Oh, wait…there was. Only the liberals didn’t want to cooperate with ICE. Essentially, they allowed this murderer to get away with what he did because of the presence of sanctuary cities.

The San Jose Police Department was called after an eyewitness reported “blood everywhere” at the church. Garcia had fled the scene, but he was quickly located and arrested.

It didn’t take long before ICE confirmed that Garcia was an illegal alien. The state knew that he had a violent criminal record. Yet, the sanctuary state policy shields criminal illegal aliens from arrest and deportation.

Think about that. California has created a law that entitles criminal illegal aliens to be protected from not only being deported but even arrested.

Californian politicians care more about the illegal aliens in their state than they do about legal residents. If a California resident commits a violent crime, they’re arrested and sent to prison. But, if they were an illegal alien, they’d get away with it.

How is that a way to protect Americans? It’s not.

Garcia has been benefiting from the stupid generosity of California’s sanctuary laws for nearly 15 years. He’s been able to commit battery, assault, vandalism, and more without ever seeing the inside of a prison. He’s even kidnapped a wife and assaulted a police officer. Yet, still, he’s allowed to have his freedom.

It’s time that the sanctuary laws go away. California needs to get it together because they’re giving criminals free rein to terrorize innocent Americans.

ICE has countless detainers out for people like Garcia. However, state laws allow those detainers to be ignored. It’s all a political game. The liberals want to exert control over a system that isn’t working in their favor. So, they’ll play the game using public safety as a pawn until they get their way. It’s sick, and Americans suffer every day because of the game.