Who Needs STEM? Biden Wants Butchers


STEM has been a push in schools for quite a few years now. Students are being taught science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. It ensures that they have the knowledge needed to participate in our innovative new world.

When we look at the various careers that are in high demand, we see things like computer programmers, mechanical engineers, coders, and more – and STEM is a necessity for such careers.

All that is well and good, but we are living in a pandemic. Things have changed. And the Biden administration has decided that STEM can take a back seat at the moment. They’re ready to start funding a very different career – butchers.

That’s right. Students need to know how to butcher a cow, a pig, a chicken…

Now, you might be wondering why a Democratic administration is pushing such a thing. Did AOC give the okay on this? After all, many Democrats would love to see us switch to a plant-based diet entirely. That’s what’s “best” for the environment, right?

Well, the Biden administration knows they’re not going to turn Americans into vegetarians overnight.

Meat processing has become a problem. There are four giant companies that handle 80 percent of the meat processing and packaging across the country. It can lead to higher costs – and it takes money away from local communities and, more specifically, ranchers.

Many ranchers would rather send meat to a local packing plant – but they lack the butchers to accommodate many of the requests.

Yavapai College is located in the Verde Valley of Arizona. They have requested grants from Biden’s agricultural department in order to create a workforce to accommodate the need for meat processing and packing.

Such grants would promote more sustainability within the local agricultural areas in not only Arizona but in other parts of the country.

There is a labor shortage in every industry, though agricultural labor has been dropping significantly – especially with some of the immigration reform laws that have been coming out of Washington.

The grant program would allow Americans to seek college-level training to conduct the manual labor that has traditionally been handled by immigrants.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack explained in a recent interview to POLITICO, “What we expect are interesting partnerships with community colleges, junior colleges, land-grant universities helping to create that workforce.” This is all part of the $1 billion from within the American Rescue Plan that will help to promote more competition within the meatpacking industry.

Processing can take months to learn but butchering can take years. By providing more financial incentives, it can lure young people into community colleges to learn a trade.

While meatpacking isn’t as exciting as STEM, it is very important – especially if we don’t plan on turning to a plant-based diet any time in the near future.

When it comes to how the Biden administration is going to help, they’re actually doing something right. It sure beats buying drug addicts more crack pipes, which is also being done by the administration.

The Biden administration is also guilty of pointing the finger at Tyson, National Beef, Cargill, and JBS, the four big meatpacking companies – of inflating prices. It’s easier for them to place blame on the companies rather than look at their own mistakes.

Many agriculture and farm professors still wonder if they can get American college students to get interested in becoming a meatpacker or working in another agricultural job that is traditionally manual labor. This labor market has been shifting toward foreign-born workers for years.

This means that, while the Biden administration may actually be attempting to do something honorable, it will end up in another situation where money is wasted. The grants are out there, but we’ll see if Americans actually take advantage of the opportunity to give up STEM so that they can learn the fine art of butchering.