WHO is Protecting China, so WHAT is the US Thinking?

Oh, but there’s a new president. It seems as though Joe Biden is prepared to forgive all past discretions.

The problem with that is that the W.H.O. is not changing its mind on how they’re dealing with China.

There are a lot of allegations that Beijing withheld important data when the investigators came to research the origins of COVID-19 in Wuhan. Without that data, it makes it difficult to determine how the coronavirus originated and how it began to spread.

There’s one thing we all know for sure, though: It started in Wuhan, China.

China state media has been celebrating, however. Why? The W.H.O. has been defending China against all of these allegations.

The Chinese are not sharing everything that they have, which means that they have reason to hide. When the investigators showed up, they were shown the analysis of the earliest recorded cases. However, they were not allowed to view the raw data.

Without being given access to the raw data, there’s no way to know whether the analysis is accurate.

Of course, the Chinese claim that the records and samples have been destroyed.

This is Sabotage 101. What do you do when you don’t want people to learn the truth? You destroy the evidence. This is what China has done, yet the W.H.O. continues to cover for them.

Now, the W.H.O. investigators were careful to not directly accuse the Chinese of lying to them. However, several foreign scientists have also revealed that there were quite a few heated conversations with the Wuhan hosts about the original records and raw data that were not being made available.

It appears that we’re not being told about the truth from any angle. The Global Times, the newspaper run by the Chinese state, has accused American reporters of “misunderstanding or deliberately misinterpreting” members of the W.H.O.

So, when the New York Times reported on what was going on with the W.H.O. investigation in Wuhan, several members decided that they were going to complain. “Heated arguments” weren’t meant to be frustration. According to Thea Fischer, a member of the W.H.O. and a Danish epidemiologist, the arguments reflected “a deep level of engagement in the room.”

Seriously? There’s no reason why Fischer should feel as though she has to cover for the organization. You don’t just get engaged with the people in the room when you know that they’re holding back information.

However, the W.H.O. is clearly interested in protecting China.

Peter Daszak, a British zoologist who is also part of the W.H.O. team said that he found “trust and openness” with the counterparts. Wait, but…that’s impossible when China deliberately chose to destroy data and would not provide access to specific information that was being requested.

Who cares if the hosts in Wuhan provided access to new data? They didn’t provide access to the requested data. They hid information – and yet the members of the team are pretending that everything went beautifully.

The Global Times printed a piece to blame the US for “politicizing this scientific work” that goes into identifying the origins. They also blame the US for “spreading the political narrative” that the virus originated in Wuhan, China.

Well, it did originate there, so there’s no reason to hide it.

The W.H.O. seems hell-bent on helping to protect China. Meanwhile, Biden is completely comfortable with getting the U.S. back in with the organization. Why? The W.H.O. benefits from U.S. money, but what does the U.S. get out of the W.H.O.? The only thing that we gain is a closer relationship with China, which is exactly what we don’t want.