Whiteness is Responsible for Masking Opposition?

One thing we hear more and more of as of late, particularly in schools, is that all races are not, in fact, equal. While those who seem to believe along these lines might call themselves anti-racist activists or social justice warriors, the truth is that they are just as racist as ever.

Take assistant professor of political science at the esteemed Standford University, Hakeem Jefferson, for instance.

In his “professional” opinion, Jefferson believes that “Race is the central organizing feature of American politics.” And as such, he’s of the mind that one race in particular (Whites) think they are above everyone else, as they have presumably called the shots for far too long.

Why does he think this?

Well, according to recent Twitter threads, the evidence can be seen as clear as day in the refusal to wearing facial masks.

He wrote, “Make no mistake, this crazy opposition to mask-wearing that is leading folks (read White ppl) to act violently at school board meetings & council meetings & everywhere else – yeah, you can’t disconnect it from whiteness. And discussions that don’t acknowledge this are incomplete.”

He goes on to comment that masks aren’t any less ‘comfortable for non-White people.” And yet, it only seems to be whites “storming meetings.” According to Jefferson, the reason boils down to skin color alone and the belief that theirs “confers upon them a kind of power that places them above gov action.”

He also blames the January 6 capitol incursion on “whiteness,” pointing out that the “crowds are overwhelmingly white.” And saying this is only proof that “whiteness be working overtime.”

Of course, Jefferson kind of contradicts himself a bit when he starts to defend his beliefs to those like Campus Reform reporter Corey Walker, who, by all known knowledge of the man, is also black.

When asked why, in say the example of the large crowds present at the January 6 protests, where “Vietnamese flags and other ‘non-white groups’ were represented, Jefferson walks back a bit on his ideas of whiteness being about skin color.

Instead, he claims that it is a “construct” that allows even those who aren’t really white to be “susceptible to its attractions.” In fact, according to Jefferson, he claims that this “whiteness” is even powerful enough to affect ‘those it so often oppresses.”

Apparently, that is why so many non-white people think the 2020 election wasn’t exactly fair and secure. It is why people of color are included in those who refuse to mask or be mandated to get a particular vaccine. And, likely according to Jefferson’s beliefs, it is why there are black Americans who decry the need for reparations, critical race theory being taught in schools, or all the other free stuff the liberal government wants to presumably hand out.

It’s all because of whiteness and the power it gives off.

And should someone happen to disagree with his beliefs?

Well, Jefferson says he is a full supporter of free speech. In fact, it’s why he apparently has a problem with Campus Reform reaching out to the university about his speech or comments. “As if I would ever be at a university that even thought it could control the things I say.”

But earlier, you might remember him also saying that any discussion that didn’t center around his belief that race has made this country what it is and that whiteness is to blame for much of our problems is “incomplete.” As if those discussions lack some sort of fundamental understanding.

Is anyone just as utterly flabbergasted as I am right now? I mean, really?

You want free speech, but only when it aligns with your beliefs? And racism is apparently fine, just as long as your race isn’t the one being discriminated against. Right…

I wonder how he’d feel if a “construct” called blackness was created. I doubt it would go over well. He’d probably say it had something to do with whiteness and the inherent evils of that race or something other nonsense.