White House Tries to Use Trumps Success to Pat Themselves on the Back About Oil and Natural Gas

Joseph Sohm/shutterstock.com

Ever since the Biden administration moved into the White House, they have been making things up to make themselves look better than they are. Their lies, deceit, and deception have known no bounds, and they seem to revel in just how bad they can make the idea of anyone but Biden sound.

Yet with every piece of these lies comes a big problem; the truth is pretty easy to find just by paying attention or using the internet to fact-check their claims. However, their arguments about his policy changes (or claims of a lack thereof) are where the biggest issues are found. Most recently he has been making a point of getting on his soapbox about the production of oil and natural gas. If this man tried to reach around and pat himself on the back any harder he would rip his frail bones out of the shoulder socket while trying.

So, when President Biden’s official White House Twitter shares a graph showcasing that oil and natural gas imports have been at their lowest and exports at their highest for two years it gives good reason to celebrate. Yet, as many critics quickly pointed out, this graph ends in 2020. There is nothing on there from the Biden years. The numbers are already in and they don’t help his case any.

Imports have skyrocketed, and exports have sunk. His immediate desecration of the Keystone pipeline project, as well as the ax he took to new oil and natural gas leases on public lands, are absolutely destroying our economy. Yet he keeps claiming that oil producers are choking back supplies and trying to artificially inflate production. If you talk to them and look at the numbers though, you see that they are putting out as much as they legally can.

The roadblocks Biden put in place on oil and natural gas companies have crippled their industries. His response has been to put a pathetic excuse of a man in as his transportation secretary. While the energy secretary has a more direct impact, Pete Buttigieg as the transportation secretary has done everything he can to make improving the prices near impossible. He is trying to decimate the idea of expanding our energy resources and only wants to hear green ideas.

Unfortunately, the green ideas he wants to hear all about are not currently viable across the US. Even Elon Musk the Techno King of Tesla has publicly stated that the US is not currently capable of going all green. He understands just how sparse the network of superchargers is as well as how difficult it is to go green in many parts of the country., He has accepted this as an inevitability. If he can accept that why can’t Buttigieg and Biden?

Instead, they are both trying to convince the American people that it is them who have done the amazing work while using old figures from Trump’s years in office. Some of their people are finding other ways to place the blame by deflecting for Biden. Raymond James analyst Pavel Molchanov sat down with CNN Business recently and instead of pointing the finger at Biden over gas and oil prices, he instead placed his sights on the oil companies themselves.

Oil and gas companies do not want to drill more…They are under pressure from the financial community to pay more dividends, to do more share buybacks instead of the proverbial ‘drill baby drill,’ which is the way they would have done things 10 years ago. Corporate strategy has fundamentally changed.” Unfortunately, if you talk to people who are working in the industry they will openly tell you that’s not the case. The numbers are reporting that this is all just a case of Biden failing the American people. Makes you wonder just how many oil stocks he and Nancy Pelosi hold?