White House Looks To Close Another Pipeline As Gas Has Now Tripled Since 2020

BILD LLC / Shutterstock.com
BILD LLC / Shutterstock.com

Monday finds America even deeper into the troubled section of the energy sector pricing than it has been in recent years. Despite this, the Biden administration is weighing on closing yet another pipeline – one that has been in use for decades.

The Land-5 pipeline has been in use for 78 years and is owned by a Canadian company named Enbridge. The company has already been fighting this battle on multiple levels, even against Democratic Governor Gretchen Witmer who previously ‘revoked and terminated Enbridge’s easement with the state last fall and ordered a Line 5 shutdown by the spring’; a movement the company is fighting by large and far.

At the center of this debate are 12 federally recognized tribes looking to have Biden keep a campaign promise to protect fundamental interests. Stating his help was necessary as they were facing an “existential threat to our treaty-protected rights, resources, and fundamental way of life.”

This is based on an argument that this oil pipeline infringes on the 1836 Treaty of Washington. A treaty ‘which ceded Ojibwe and Odawa lands in Michigan in exchange for fishing, hunting and gathering rights on the treaty territory’. Yet Jason Hayes from the Mackinac Center for Public Policy where he serves as the Director of Environmental Policy seems to view this as a possible agreement with Canada. An agreement that allows the oil to flow between the two countries freely.

Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm expressed concern about seeing $4 a gallon gas soon; and that she hopes we don’t see it.

“The president is all over this. Of course, every president is frustrated because they can’t control the price of gasoline, because it’s a global market. You can call upon increased supply, which he has done…And OPEC is, unfortunately, controlling the agenda with respect to oil prices. OPEC is a cartel and it controls over 50 percent of the supply of gasoline”.

Yet she overlooks what Biden has done to put us in this position.

His consistent shut down of the energy sector, the block of small mom and pop trucking in California, and the blocking of the Keystone pipeline have all fed into the hand that OPEC is dealing the American people now. When you make this ‘cartel’ the main supplier of the goods they can call the shots.

This is basic economics; yet when you have a way to work around that you would think he would choose that. However, he has not.

He has called for an increased supply but has done nothing to release strategic reserves. Biden has done nothing but strengthen OPEC’s position in the situation, and passed along the buck to the American taxpayer at every turn.

The cancellation of the Keystone XL pipeline permit in January was a crucial blow to the oil and gas industries. This 1,200-mile pipeline would have moved 830,000 barrels (or 35 MILLION gallons of crude oil per day; thus connecting Nebraska to oil refineries along the US Gulf Coast.

It also would have created hundreds if not thousands of jobs both here in the continental US and in Alaska, as much of the crude oil would have originated there.

Yet all Biden sees are the special interest groups the left continuously attracts in. He doesn’t see the impacts on the average American or the ripple effects on our economy. He has insulated himself too far away from all that thereby making him one of, if not the most unrelatable President in recent US history.

He has no clue what the American people are going through and has even less of a clue on what to do about it. This needs to change, and it needs to change quickly. If it doesn’t we are all in for a big problem in the coming months.