White House Camera Move Proves Even Biden Doesn’t Want Harris Around

By lev radin/shutterstock.com
By lev radin/shutterstock.com

Remember when kneeling for the flag or the National Anthem grew in popularity in professional sporting arenas? It seemed we couldn’t watch a football game, NBA match, or even a hockey game without attention being drawn to at least one or two ungrateful American players and their political beliefs.

Naturally, it outraged fans both right and left. And networks, as well as sporting leagues like the NFL and NHL, began to see massive rating drops nearly overnight. The solution was to simply cut that part of the game proceedings out of the broadcast. While the anthem was still sung, the flag still flown, and a few players still knelt in opposition to them, the nation at large wasn’t seeing it.

Essentially, it was the phrase ‘what you don’t know can’t hurt you’ made into reality.

As a result, fans eventually began to return, both in-person and at home in their living rooms, and ratings began to rise again.

Why am I reminding you of this?

Well, it seems that the White House is trying to pull the same stunt with their ever-unpopular Vice President Kamala Harris.

As you well know, Harris isn’t exactly the most well-loved VP of all time. In fact, according to recent November polls, she is exactly the opposite, with an approval rating of some mere 28 percent nationwide.

And at this point, it’d be difficult for anyone in the White House to not know about that staggering unpopularity – particularly after CNN wrote an article on the topic, claiming that most Americans see her as incompetent on pretty much every level.

So what’s the White House’s solution? They’ll just cut her out press conference and such for national television, literally.

Take Democratic President Joe Biden’s most recent national briefing, for example.

On Monday, Biden briefed the nation once again on the importance of getting vaccinated against COVID-19, as well as acquiring the now released booster shots. In particular, he used the newest variant of the disease beginning to spread around the world, known as Omicron, as the reason. But it wasn’t his words that were so important as the view the White House camera chose to take.

On either side of him stood his VP on his right and self-proclaimed COVID expert and White House medical adviser Dr. Anthony Fauci on his left.

But after a mere nine seconds, the audience watching was given a view of just Biden and Fauci, with Harris being completely cut out. The camera panned to the left a bit and then zoomed in, giving a rather tight shot of the men only. But more on that note later…

And it stayed that way for nearly the entire 15-minute event.

At one point, at about 11 minutes in, Fauci approached the podium, forcing the camera crew to adjust their shot a bit. They briefly panned out, showing Harris still standing to the platform’s right, and then quickly zoomed right back in to show only Fauci and Biden again.

From there, the view never changed and never showed Harris again, not even as the event was ending.

If I didn’t know any better, I’d say the White House is trying to keep Harris tucked away from the public eye, as if not seeing her will make us forget about how much of a failure she is.

However, in the meantime, or at least in instances like this, they are cutting out the only female and not white individual, which, if I’m not mistaken, is precisely why she was chosen for the position in the first place…

Naturally, more than a few social media users made sure to comment on that point.

The White House had to know that cutting her out, particularly in an instance where only white men are seen instead of her, would cause at least some outrage. And yet, they chose to do so anyway, thinking that the alternative might be far worse.

As it stands already, rumors are flying about suggesting that Biden and his staff are so disappointed in Harris that she may not be included in the 2024 presidential ticket for either role. And the fact that no one seems to like her only gives Biden more negative attention.

Whatever the case, I don’t see hiding her from America as working out nearly quite the same way as cutting out the national anthem from ball games.