While the Democratic Convention Painted a Rosy Picture, They Failed to Mention the Thorns

The Democratic National Convention brought tears to the eyes of every liberal with every single speaker promising for a better future for America. They critically lambasted President Trump for the disruptions they claimed he has caused in our once-great way of life.

The entire convention was filled with rainbows, lollipops, and roses. But it should have been evident to anyone with a greater sense of understanding how they willfully avoided one very important fact. Roses have thorns.

While they solely concentrated on manifesting images of a brighter tomorrow, they skillfully avoided any mention of the present. Why? Because the current state of affairs they adhere to and endorse would have painted a more realistic portrait of what life would be like under Joe Biden’s leadership, and realism is not their forte.

Nowhere was there any mention made of the escalating crime rates in Democrat-controlled cities such as NYC, Seattle, Portland, Chicago, Minneapolis, and others. Oops.

On the very night, Biden flashed a toothy grin and gleefully accepted his presidential nomination, a violent crowd of protesters was returning to the U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement building in Portland, where just one night prior, law enforcement officials had declared their out-of-control activities as a full-scale riot. But there was no mention of this.

They failed to mention how demonstrators, also in Portland, had attempted to torch a Federal courthouse. And they certainly overlooked how these same demonstrators threatened homeowners as they took to the streets of rural neighborhoods, placing the very lives of residents in jeopardy.

As the Democratic speakers were making unfounded promises, Chicago’s city council called a meeting to discuss whether or not their city should declare a state of emergency. According to the Chicago Tribune, July was the most violent month the city had experienced over the past 28 years.

A Chicago news station reported,  “The rounds of looting, civil unrest, and one of the most violent summers in years prompted the call for the meeting.” But this, as one would expect, was never mentioned.

Chicago’s controversial Mayor, Lori Lightfoot, was all in favor of the Chicago P.D. banning protesters from the neighborhood where she resides while ignoring what was happening in the rest of the city. “I have a right to make sure that my home is secure.” Well… So does everyone else.

Also during the Democratic Convention, there was no mention of how violent crimes have risen by 200% in liberal run New York City, or how homicides have risen by 50%. Mayor Bill de Blasio’s idiotic decision to defund the city’s police department has everything to do with the escalation, and his unheard of choice to release violent criminals from their jail cells has certainly been a contributing factor.

Joe Biden referred to the violent protests taking place in every corner of America as, “the most compelling call for racial justice since the 60s.” Both of the Obama’s took the liberty of denouncing Donald Trump for sending in Federal agents for the purpose of quelling the destruction that is endangering the lives of everyday citizens and local law enforcement officials.

To raise any of these issues would have been an admission of the Democrat’s failed policies, and this just would not do. It was also an insult to those of us who aren’t blind to what we have witnessed. To those of us who haven’t allowed the wool to be pulled over our eyes. To the realists among us.

The upcoming Republican convention is certain to attempt to remove the blinders from the myopically focused liberals. The convention will paint the picture as it actually is. There will be no rainbows and lollipops. Expect the truth, thorns and all.