While Singing the Song of Satan, the DNC Promised a Better America…You Need to Read This

Liberals are cheering as they say the virtual Democratic Convention gave them hope for a new America. But upon closer observation of what the political hopefuls spewed from their ill-informed mouths, is this kind of America we really want?

It just goes to show how the Lefties, in their clear and vocal hatred of the greatest president to have ever served, Donald J. Trump, will swallow anything they hear, regardless of how vile it is in all actuality. They have the innate habit of falling for the fanfare without paying close enough attention to what is really being said.

For instance, Andrew Cuomo who is considered a super-star of the Democratic party dances with the devil regularly. Not only did he fail NYC in the fight against Covid-19, he blatantly lied about the number of deaths after forcing infected people into quarantine inside of nursing homes full of elderly citizens who run the greatest risk.

But this is not the worse thing Cuomo has ever done. Not by a long shot. He supports the legalization of assisted suicide in his home state of New York. At a time when suicide rates are spiraling out of control, rather than considering therapy as a means of combating this horrible epidemic, being the great guy he professes to be, he feels it would be far nicer of him to help these folks out.

The entire DNC Convention was nothing more than an attack on Trump. Rather than displaying any type of grief over the grim deaths of almost 200,000 COVID-19 victims, or laying out any plans as to how they could curb these numbers, they chose to slam Trump instead. Yet. They have no plan of action.

While conservatives are actively engaged in “Right to Life” activities concerning the widespread abuse of tearing innocent babies from their mother’s wombs, the Dems were hollering from the platform of a woman’s right to choose murder as a viable means of contraception.

This ludicrous platform goes against every biblical principle this country was founded on. Even Joe Biden, who professes to be a devoted Catholic, is okay with this stance. If he were to suggest otherwise it would cost his valuable votes he cannot afford to lose.

Ironically though, while the Democrats are anti-pro-life, Jesuit priest, Father James Martin, was invited to lead the convention in prayer. His prayer included asking God to intervene on behalf of unborn children. Perhaps this was an oversight on behalf of the Dems, or perhaps the priest was actually trying to get the message out to not vote any of these people in.

The convention was relying on Bill Clinton to inject the magnetism he is known for into the event. Though Clinton completely abused the purpose of the Oval Office by turning it into his own private den of iniquity, he is not without charisma.

While campaigning for his wife Hillary, he was able to work crowds into a frenzy. But during his short speech at the DNC, it became overly obvious how his flame has been reduced to a mere ember. His Bic refused to flick.

One can only assume that with his age, Clinton has come to realize his many failures and is now living with vast regrets. This made it tough for him to display any type of excitement concerning the wish of the Democrats to revert back to the way things were prior to Donald Trump’s election win.

Or maybe, just maybe, Clinton was shocked into reality as a result of his name showing up multiple times on Jeffrey Epstein’s customer list. Whatever the reason, his serious doubts about the Democrats regaining the control they lost, were very apparent.

So while the DNC is lauding the success of their campaign, one only needs to look beyond the veil to realize they’re singing the song of Satan. If Biden wins the 2020 election, the liberal Dems will march America straight into the pits of hell.

Trump 2020.