What’s With All the “Software Glitches?” Tens of Thousands of Votes Illegally Switched From Trump to Biden

The 2020 election has been filled with all sorts of chicanery that is designed to swing things to the Democrats. Anyone who has been paying even a little bit of attention has seen it with their own eyes. These clear attempts at cheating are not called by their actual name, either. The mainstream media loves to call them “glitches” instead.

Yet another “glitch” has been discovered in the state of Wisconsin. This one has taken nearly 20,000 votes away from President Trump and of course, the liberals are not questioning it at all. These are the events that are taking place all over the country as we speak. At all levels, votes are being siphoned away from GOP candidates and handed over to the Democrats.

This might seem random to some but think about it this way. What are the odds that every single glitch that has taken place would favor the Democrats? It doesn’t seem all that likely to anyone who does not have their liberal blinders on. The Democrats are using a bold strategy to steal the election away and they are doing it in plain sight.

The first system glitch that we reported on was suspicious enough. Michigan took 6,000 votes and switched them all over to Trump. Oakland County, Michigan also had a highly suspicious “glitch” of their own. In this race, the votes were reversed to the rightful candidate. This allowed a GOP candidate to actually win their race.

Pennsylvania voters weren’t able to cast their votes for their preferred candidate either. 20,000 votes “glitched” their way from President Trump to Sleepy Joe Biden. Once this problem is correct, the race is sure to head back to even. That’s not what the mainstream media wants to hear. They are going to be left with egg on their face when this is all said and done.

The media outlets that have already called the election do not care, though. They will simply say that Trump cheated, even though they are the ones who are doing the lying. Georgia, another one of the swing states that the Democrats are crowing over, engaged in voter fraud, too. 6,000 votes were moved over from Trump to Biden in the state where Stacey Abrams has come to prominence.

She might be getting credit for the Biden “win” in this state but it’s hard to ignore the facts. This state is still considered a toss-up but the media is neglecting the voter fraud that created the false sense of security. Last but not least, Rock County, Wisconsin voters have watched in horror as 10,000 votes were moved from Trump’s ledger over to Biden’s.

The information was provided by an individual who watched the Wisconsin situation unfold. The net impact of the vote flip in this county was huge. Trump experienced a flip flop of over 19,000 votes and no one was even willing to question it. Once we took the time to check the same numbers (as provided by a different source), we found that the final numbers have yet to account for cheating.

The questionable votes that came in for Biden should not be counted. The Democrat-led cities that are allowing the blatant cheating need to be taken to task. These are not “glitches” because they always seem to go against the conservative voter. This is the strategy that they are using to swipe the election away. It’s not like they are even trying to conceal their actions from the rest of the country either.

This is not the sort of issue that is going to go away because the liberals close their eyes and make a wish. President Trump is no stranger to the battles that take place in the courtroom. If they think that he will allow any of this to happen without putting up a major fight, they are in for the rudest of awakenings soon enough. Best of luck to them!