What’s Next? Pallets of Cash? Biden Promises Talks With Iranian Henchmen Who Just Bombed and Killed US Contractors

It’s like Joe compromises for the sheer fun of it now. They are now willing to sit down and negotiate a new nuclear treaty with Iran. Of course, we all remember how well the last one went. The Obama administration decided to bring their ace negotiation skills to the table and ended up costing the United States billions of dollars in the process.

The last peace treaty that Obama negotiated led to a pallet of cash being dropped on a tarmac in the middle of the night. Biden is probably going to have to send two! That’s how he rolls. Biden has never met a compromise that he couldn’t make. Iran took all of the money and used it to further their terrorist agenda.

Instead of putting an end to this nonsense, Biden decided that he wanted to get into bed with these thugs all over again. Three days after a United States base is bombed by Iran, Biden’s ready to head back to the bargaining table. This is the sort of weak and ineffectual leadership that we have come to expect from the Democrats.

That does not make it any less appalling. “The White House late Thursday said it is ready to meet with Iran, along with other signatories to the 2015 deal governing its nuclear program, opening the door to negotiations in one of the thorniest foreign issues facing President Joe Biden,” US News reports.

It is jarring to see all of this in print. Biden had sworn to everyone who would listen that he was not Donald Trump and he was not kidding in the slightest. This is not something that he would have done at all. Trump would have already made them back down because he was the type who was willing to project strength during the times when we needed it most.

A president that is not willing to crush these types of threats before they have a chance to take root is not going to be a very effective one. We all could have told you this before Biden even got the chance to take office but that’s neither here nor there now. It just stinks to watch the America that we know and love get turned into a pincushion by our foreign adversaries.

The thorny foreign issues that we have been dealing with for some time are not going to vanish just because Trump is gone. The Democrats may have successfully sold that lie to their voters but the rest of us know better. When it comes out that Biden has successfully bought off the Iranians with another cash pallet, we won’t be surprised at all.

In fact, we are going to be right there saying “I told you so!” and laughing it up. Biden is the worst possible present from a foreign standpoint. We wouldn’t put it past him to go on another apology tour like Barack Obama did. It’s beyond obvious to us that he is going to run with that man’s whole playbook. Biden has never had an original idea in his life. He’s just Obama part 2, no more and no less.

The Democrats will continue to portray themselves as the kind and cuddly sort for anyone who is silly enough to go along with it. Meanwhile, Biden and Obama are participating in all of the same bombings and deportations that they claim not to be a part of. It’s a neat little grifting game that they play and as long as their voters are not willing to take a deeper look at what really goes on, it will continue.