What Won’t the Chinese Steal?..Now They Want Your DNA…Chances Are They Already Have It Anyway

The Communist Chinese government thrives on thievery. From their positions in American colleges and universities to falsifying their way into defense contractors such as Lockheed, they are ever-present, and they’ll steal anything not nailed down.

One can easily understand their goal of wanting to make off with scientific research papers and blueprints for modern destructive weaponry, but as of late they’ve entered into a more mysterious and darker realm that to the common observer would defy all logic.

The commies are hijacking our red, white, and blue, DNA. The very stuff we’re made of. According to a newly issued report from the offices of the Director of National Intelligence, the Chinese Communist Party is shoplifting the personal health records of U.S. citizens to extract their DNA>

The people in the know at the director’s counterintelligence and security center released the disturbing information, and if you are among the non-James Bond type like most of us, you’re probably wondering why the Chinese would even want to do such a thing.

Every individual’s medical data contains DNA identification patterns referred to as PII. Examining this PII helps the Chinese develop a better understanding of a particular person’s inherent strengths and weaknesses.

Since the report indicates how China is already in possession of this information for “much of the U.S. population,” one must assume they are averaging. The monkey eaters are determining what would have the greatest negative impact on the largest number of people, and where.

What may have a horrendously devastating impact on the residents of California, might not work as well on the hardcore and incredibly diverse population of New York City. It’s all coded in the DNA.

Thusly, by averaging, the Chinese can apply the same technique regionally, or even nationally if they find something good enough to melt us all down in unison. All for one… It’s mind-boggling.

Though the possibilities are endless, for now, the Chinese government is mainly focused on citizens who hold particular positions. The report says, “The combination of stolen PII, personal health information, and large genomic data sets collected from abroad affords the PRC vast opportunities to precisely target individuals in foreign governments, private industries, or other sectors for potential surveillance, manipulation, or extortion.”

The report goes on to read, “Such data sets could help the PRC not only recruit individuals abroad but also act against foreign dissidents.”

China is in no way bound to one particular method of stealing medical information though much of it is done via cyberattacks, and these include the bombarding of our federal government.

The White House Office of Personnel Management came under a huge cyberattack in 2014. Members of the Chinese cyberattack forces, specifically recruited and trained for this purpose, walked off with the personal information of over 21 million Americans, some of which contained data used for obtaining secret government security clearances.

The COVID-19 pandemic, which oddly enough began in China, hmm.., has been the frosting on a three-layer cake for the red-flag flying pagans. In efforts to defeat the virus, the U.S. government opted to hold hands with genetic testing companies known to have direct links to China.

In doing so, our government served the eagerly awaiting and drooling Chinese government a silver platter full of the personal medical information of untold millions of Americans. They gotta love it when a plan comes together.

It’s long been said that if or when America ever takes a tumble, it’ll happen without a shot ever being fired. The trillions upon trillions of dollars spent by America and other nations on military hardware will one day, perhaps even in the near future, prove to have been money foolishly spent.

Now comes the bad news. Joe Biden is president. Joe Biden adores his Chinese communist buddies and he’s been known to cut ’em a break here or there in the past.

So… If the Communists happen to have not received your personal medical information as of yet, not to worry, they’ll soon get around to you. Just have patience.