DeSantis: What? Whitmer Continues to Blame Florida for Michigan Illness

The lusting liberals are in a state of denial and confusion as they cannot figure out why Michigan faces a surge in viral infections after they have been praised as the standard of how to combat viral infections. Open states have done a much better job of combating the virus. But the left wants to promote their failed attempts as a way of beating the pandemic.

Governor Whitmer cannot believe that her state is still the worst in the Union. After all, she was supposed to have all the answers because she was the leader of Michigan. The New York Times threw her under the bus when they report that the “The state accounts for more than 10 percent of the country’s daily cases, and is home to 16 of the 17 metro areas with the nation’s worst recent case rates.”

Whitmer is in complete denial of her failures because she cannot seem to pinpoint the cause of the new outbreak. She has come at and blamed the Supreme Court for the infections because they upheld freedom of religion in the country. She was so sure that churches were secretly brewing new viral outbreaks in their basements.

Whitmer tries to sound intelligent when she states, “At the end of the day, this is going to come down to whether or not everyone does their part. That’s the most important thing. This variant, the B117 variant, is what is growing so quickly here in Michigan. We have the second most of it than, I think, right after Florida, at least that was the last data that I saw.”

Florida is doing a lot better than she thinks. The state has single-digit hospital rates related to COVID-19 and a sharp decline in the number of infections coming in.

Her trouble begins when she comes out and blames all the trouble on the seniors returning to their northern homes. She fails to realize that these are people that have already been vaccinated. To put it mildly, she is blaming Florida for infecting the people in Michigan.

She stated that “And that’s why we’re imploring people to take this seriously, mask up, get tested. If you’ve been around someone who’s positive, stay home. And if you do get COVID, use one of these monoclonal antibodies so that we can keep you out of the hospital and help you retain your health.”

Once again, the liberals act like getting a COVID test will cause numbers to drop. People do not want to get a test because they do not want to be told to stay home for two weeks.

As much as Whitmer cries about Floridians coming home, she allows her staff to vacation in Florida. It was this time that Whitmer was blasting everyone for her problems.

According to the Michigan Information & Research Service, one report noted that “Michigan Department of Health and Human Services Director Elizabeth Hertel was in Gulf Shores, Alabama, according to the Michigan Information & Research Service. Gulf Shores is a popular resort destination along the Gulf of Mexico.”

Whitmer cries about inter-state travel and yet allows her staff to cross borders without much said about it. The report noted that “Tricia Foster, the governor’s chief operating officer, made headlines earlier in April for vacationing in Florida even though Whitmer said she was “concerned” about travel between states. Foster posted photos to Facebook of herself vacationing in Siesta Key. After Breitbart first reported on the trip, Foster deleted the post.”

The hypocrisy of Whitmer is forcing her people to go undercover just to live life as usual as possible. They cannot post things on social media without becoming targets of a public that is tired of the governor’s illegal actions.

Ted Goodman is the spokesperson for the Republican Party in Michigan. He noted that “Instead of offering data and science to explain her past and future policies to deal with the unprecedented COVID surge, Gov. Whitmer is blaming Michiganders and refusing to take any responsibility. Gov. Whitmer’s incompetence and incoherent lockdown strategy failed Michiganders and we are paying the price.”

The sad liberal witchy governor blames Florida for her troubles. And she has no evidence to back up her claims. She is just mad that the Sunshine State is open and nearly virus-free. She just cannot accept the reality that her approach to beating the pandemic failed.