What Could Possibly be Worse Than COVID-19?…Hold on to Your Hats…You’re About to Find out

We have all suffered from the devastating impact of COVID-19. Friends and family members have succumbed to the evilness of the dreaded disease. Businesses have suffered, the economy has nosedived, and America’s educational system is in disarray as schools seek ways to safely open their doors.

As of now, the total number of worldwide reported cases is a staggering 22,079,934. Of those roughly 22-million cases, 6,487,778 are active. Those who have recovered from their bout with the illness equals 14,814,054.

COVID-19 has claimed the lives of 778,102 in the 215 countries that have been affected.

The U.S. alone has had a reported a total of 5,613,183 cases, with 2,464,631 being active. A total of 2,974,780 people have recovered, while 173,772 have lost their lives.

You may be asking yourself, what could possibly be worse than this? How could anything be? Well. Hang on tightly because you’re about to find out.

There’s a brand spanking new strain of the coronavirus fast-tracking its way across Southeast Asia, and officials in Malaysia are claiming it is quite possibly more infectious than COVID-19.

This new strain has been labeled as D614G. It was originally discovered in Malaysia where it infected a cluster of 45 people, and now it is showing up in other Southeast Asian countries. It would be safe to say it’s branching out exactly the same way COVID-19 did.

This new strain was brought into Malaysia by a traveler who returned from a trip to India and ignored the mandated 14-day quarantine. The strain was also detected in the Philippines from a few samples of COVID-19.

Maria Rosario Vergeire who is the Philippines Health Undersecretary said this new mutation may have a “higher possibility of transmission or infectiousness, but we still don’t have enough solid evidence to say that that will happen.”

Worldwide health officials are stressing the lack of evidence at this point, but Benjamin Cowling who is the head of epidemiology and biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong has stated it may very well have a competitive edge over other strains of COVID-19.

Cowling said, the D614G strain “might be a little bit more contagious. We haven’t yet got enough evidence to evaluate that, but there’s no evidence that it’s a lot more contagious.”

Studies are underway in the Philippines where the highest number of COVID-19 infections in the region has been recorded. We can only hope they are diligent enough in their studies to prevent a worldwide spread.

On the downside, Dr. Anthony Fauci has indicated how this new strain may cause the coronavirus to replicate more easily, causing an even greater spread of the disease that for all practical purposes has become a way of life.

Fauci said, “It does look like a particular mutation may make the virus more transmissible.” This is not the kind of news anyone was hoping to hear.

If the new strain is indeed spreading, and if it is also proven to make the spread of COVID-19 even worse than it already is, we’re in for an even rougher ride than what we have already experienced.

It hasn’t been said yet if the new COVID-19 vaccinations currently being tested will also prove effective for D614G. It’s still too early to make that type of determination. But if it is not, the entire process of what the world has already, and still is, experiencing, will be set all the way back to square one.

The disheartening news of yet another form of the coronavirus rearing its ugly head could have an unrecoverable impact on a world already suffering the slings and arrows of COVID-19.

For now, though, we’re still in the “wait and see” phase. We can only hope that with all of the research being done, it’ll be nipped in the bud before it has an opportunity to bloom.