Wearing a Mask Is One Thing but Do Not Try and Socialize Healthcare


The liberal left may have gotten people to wear a mask when they hated to do so. But they have failed to socialize critical areas of the country with policies and ideas that would have driven prices through the roof and destroyed economic growth as it stands today. One key instigator of the socialization of America is Bernie Sanders. His targeted approach was to get one state to adopt universal healthcare and socialize it so he could claim that it is accessible to everyone.

But what he did not expect is that the radically positioned state of California would throw his idea back into his face and reject the idea of social healthcare. The plan for California’s healthcare system was to adopt a system that would end private insurance, radically change Medicare, and place the Democrats in charge of the people that get the care and those that would be neglected.

Socialists thought they could advance what is known as “CalCare” without much effort. But the voters sent the idea to the trash can. Even the most liberal of all Americans love to make their own choices. They do not want some greedy dictator to determine what kind of healthcare they can receive based on their political affiliation.

The cost to socialize California healthcare was what killed the effort. The liberal price tag was a whopping $400 billion. The entire state budget is only $286 billion. And the state is already having a hard time making a budget from one year to the next. The idea to socialize healthcare in California shows that Sanders and Newsom do not stop and think through their ideas before setting them before the voters.

Newsom wanted to raise state taxes to force every household to pay an additional $12,250 in taxes to pay for their neighbors and illegals to get free healthcare. The state population is already burdened with high taxes, which has led to many people fleeing the state because they are on the verge of losing everything. And what was not widely known is that the new tax plan would have only paid for $163 billion of the proposed healthcare plan.

The Daily Wire noted that Marie Waldron, who is the Assembly Republican Leaders stated that she was excited to see “how much taxes will increase on the middle class, how many people will be kicked off their current health care plan, what Democrats will say to the seniors whose Medicare funds will be raided, how long wait times will be, the extent to which bureaucrats will ration care and how many hospitals will close.”

Waldron has revealed that the proposed healthcare change would destroy the quality of care that all Californians enjoy. They would be subjected to the whims of a mad man dictating care to people that only support his radical policies. Any person that could not support the establishment would be placed at the bottom of the list for much-needed healthcare.

Waldron also pointed out that “I look forward to hearing Democrats explain how they plan to successfully take over more than 10 percent of the state’s economy when in the last decade they’ve proven themselves incapable of simple things like building a railroad, providing clean drinking water, keeping the lights on and filling potholes.”

The Democrats have struggled to take care of the state’s most basic needs. Newsom wants to shut down all power plants that are adding to the carbon footprint. But he has failed to establish a means to replace the power supply he is erasing from the statewide system.