Wax Figure of Trump Attacked by Jealous Liberal

The loony liberals have made their final point on how much they hate Donald Trump. Their childish actions prove that they are willing to do whatever they want to private property as they think they will not be held accountable for the damages they cause. An unknown liberal took the time to tour the Louis Tussaud’s Waxworks museum in San Antonio for the purpose of punching Donald Trump’s wax figure in the face.

If he could not get at the man that he hated, he would take it out on a wax figure on Trump. This insane attack on the wax figure proves something about the Democrats and their fanatical followers. They are willing to attack a deface anything that represents things they disagree with. And if they find for one moment that the others hate them for their actions, they are willing to attack them as well.

Ripley Entertainment is the company that owns the museum. The squished statue is going to fix the damage caused by this loony liberal. The figure is set to be pulled out of harm’s way until it can be fixed.

Ripley’s stated that the patrons appreciated the statue so much that the person had to high-five the face. But these wax museums have strict rules about touching the exhibits. It is a bit alarming that Ripley’s is not pursuing criminal charges against the assailant.

They did state that “When a wax figure has been damaged, we will remove the figure from public display and send it to our talented team of artists for repair.” Donald Trump will make a comeback to the wax museum.

Local liberal media could not wait to take their cheap shots at the American hero by calling him a “battered bogus billionaire.” The point is that they just cannot get over the former president and the impact he had on the country.

The poor figure had damage to the face which will take time to fix. The figure has been the subject of attack not just once but multiple times. The liberals just cannot keep their hands off of private property.

Clay Steward is the regional manager for the museum. He stated that “We’ve always had trouble with the presidential section because no matter what president it was — Bush, Obama or Trump — they’ve all had people beat them. People are just aggressive about their political party.”

Steward admitted that other Republican figures had been targeted in the past. George W. Bush had his nose broken by a liberal. So, the attacks just keep on coming from liberals that hate conservatives.

Ripley’s puts a new wax president in place every time there is a new one to make. Joe Biden is currently being made at a location in Florida. It will be sometime before the wax Trump can come and join in the fun.

Suzanne Smagala-Potts is a spokesperson for the wax museum. She stated that “Ripley’s only showcases the highest quality of exhibits and wax figures.” And they should since they are a business making a point to showcase American leaders.

But the issue is not how many statues are getting damaged. The issue is that the liberals are willing to attack and destroy property that is not there to touch. They are an angry group of people that takes to the streets to riot and destroy. These are not just silly actions of kids being kids. These are adults that are physically attacking property which is a violation of the Constitution. People have the right to showcase and own things that may be controversial to others.

Donald Trump was the greatest president ever to serve the American people. Joe Biden will be known as the worst president to ever sit in the Oval Office. Trump deserves to have his statue placed in a prominent place for the world to see. Biden needs to take a back seat and get out of the way. So far, he has not earned the right to be called a president as he continues to do things that are selfish and anti-American.