Want a Real Nightmare About the Pandemic? Just Watch Songbird on Netflix

When news broke in early March about COVID-19, no one really expected it to be anything. Then, suddenly, schools were closed. Businesses mandated that masks had to be worn. The government shut down events and public gatherings.

The nightmare rages on nine months later with economic shutdowns and some states losing their minds with the restrictions they’re imposing.

Don’t think it can get worse? Netflix introduces the world to what Michael Bay has produced. “Songbird” is a new film about the pandemic – and it was filmed throughout LA entirely during the coronavirus pandemic.

Even the previews are enough to give you chills.

If you don’t think Trump did enough or you’re worried that Biden is going to do too much, just wait to see what Simon Boyes and Adam Mason dreamt up when they co-wrote the script.

The movie takes place several years into the future where a mutated strand of the coronavirus, COVID-23, is running rampant across the globe.

The country-wide lockdown has been going on for 213 weeks. To make that math quick, it’s four years. Imagine that for a moment – the country has been on lockdown for four years.

Is this a thriller or a horror? That’s yet to be divided. The previews show that residents are doing daily thermal scans on their phones. Loudspeakers set up in the city announces that the curfew is in effect and leaving the home would mean the risk of being shot on sight.

The story is about a courier who is trying to get to his girlfriend – though it’s suspected that she gets infected. On his way to her building, armed military aim weapons at him. He holds his arm up to show that he’s got a band on his wrist while yelling “I’m immune! I’m immune.”

Those infected are brought into quarantine camps. They’ll either die or they’ll survive in order to be released back into the general population.

The movie is enough to send chills down your spine. It’s only a movie, right? For now. However, Hollywood has always had the penchant for imitating life – and we don’t want this to be our life.

Forget about the movie being released to theaters. Since most theaters are closed or only allowing people to rent the theaters out for limited groups, the easiest way to get this in front of millions was through streaming on Netflix.

The movie is being identified as a “COVID thriller” and it’s the first of its kind. It shows the dangers of what happens when people don’t listen to the warnings and what happens when the government has no choice but to take away people’s rights in order to fight for the greater good.

Movie fanatics around the globe are talking about the movie not just because of the plot but because of what they were able to pull off. The movie idea was developed in March, greenlighted in May, filmed in July, and released in December. And, they all found a way around the rules in order to make it happen during the pandemic. It’s the first major Hollywood movie to be filmed during the pandemic – and it’s likely something that will be studied by film majors for years to come.

As for whether this is our future or not, time will tell. It’s already anticipated that COVID is mutating – though COVID-23 from Songbird has mutated to the deadliest version yet – with a 56% mortality rate that has killed 110 million people. The only ones who get to roam free are the ones who have immunity.

It’s terrifying. And yet, it’s based on the reality that we’re living.

It’s definitely an eye-opening tale spun from the current state of events into the nightmare we’re all dreading that this could turn out to be. Let’s hope for the best. Better yet, let’s hope that Joe Biden’s COVID plan gets a lot better than it is right now.