VP Sends Her Book Instead of Herself to the Border

The border crisis continues. President Biden has played pass the buck to Kamala Harris. Yet, she just laughs about it all as this is part of her plan. She’s enjoying seeing all of the extra bodies come through into the U.S. Those are all future voters, after all.

Humanitarian crisis? Nah. If you don’t see it with your own eyes, you can live in denial. And that’s exactly what Kamala Harris has been doing.

It’s been close to a month since Biden put Harris in control of handling the border. She still hasn’t gone down there to see the conditions for herself.

Oh, but we know. Thanks to GOP members of Congress, we saw live footage of the living conditions, the cartel tossing people into the river, and the constant flow of people at the border.

Since the VP hasn’t seen it with her own eyes, though, she can continue to lie to herself and to Americans. It’s not that bad. Really. The Biden administration is aware of it all. It’s bull, and we all know it.

Kamala Harris has managed to send something down to the border. Her book. Yep. She might be watching the immigration and humanitarian crisis get worse, but she’s not letting this stop her from turning it into a book promotion.

“Superheroes are Everywhere” is the book that she sent to the border. It’s a picture book for kids to provide an empowering message that we can all be heroes if we try. It was published in 2019, and it spent five weeks on the New York Times Best Sellers List for Children’s Picture Books.

Perhaps she’s sending it to the border as a way to get it back on the best sellers list. After all, she’s not making the money that she thought she’d be since she’s only the VP. Some added book sales could help to compensate her for that loss.

Sending the book isn’t enough. It’s part of the “welcome kit” that unaccompanied migrant children receive when they arrive in makeshift shelters, such as the one at the convention center in Long Beach, California.

So, thousands of her books are actually there. Does she think that kids need a book more than a clean shower? Is she hoping that if they read her book, they won’t get molested like many of the reports have expressed?

Perhaps it’s her way of doing something about the border. Forget about stopping the flow. Forget about making deals with the Central American countries like former President Trump did. Instead, she’ll teach the kids how to be heroes. She might as well say, “Hey, I’m not going to save you. Here’s a book for you to figure out how to save yourselves.”

Oh, but the book is in English. See, she hasn’t been to the border, so it’s too much of a reach for her to understand that most of the migrant children don’t speak English. She doesn’t see how inviting thousands of migrant children into the country and allowing them to stay is going to have a profound and negative impact on education.

There have been plenty to point out that this book by Kamala Harris has no business going into the welcome kits. The VP paints herself as a hero, and it has a Democratic-leaning. It’s the perfect way to teach kids how to be good little Democrats so that they can vote appropriately once they turn 18.

Will Cain, a Fox News host, calls the Biden administration out for allowing the book because it shows her as the hero. Meanwhile, Rachel Campus Duffy says that the real heroes are the US Border Patrol agents.

Does this mean that the books will go away? No. Does this mean that sending the books gives Kamala Harris the idea that she’ll never have to visit? Absolutely. After all, ignorance is bliss.