Voting Machine Lord Mark Mallaco Brown Caught Lying on Camera About Ties With Dominion

You may have seen the name Smartmatic in the news lately and for good reason. This UK based company has been linked to George Soros. They are responsible for providing all of the voting technology that has been linked to faulty responses in a number of different swing states. It’s always been a convenient turn of events, that is for sure.

When the company was started 20 years ago, a Chavez campaign adviser was placed on the board. Lord Mark Malloch-Brown is the Smartmatic chairman. He sits in the British House of Lords and he is also on the board of George Soros’s Open Society Foundations. Soros’s Investment Funds formerly employed him as a vice-chairman.

He’s well-traveled, serving as the deputy secretary-general of the United Nations when he worked as chief of staff to Kofi Annan. Now that Smartmatic is coming under fire, they are doing everything in their power to deny the issues that are taking place. Their official Twitter account issued an unequivocal denial of what they are being accused of by the current administration.

“Against false statements, the facts: Smartmatic does not own Dominion Voting Systems and has never provided Dominion with any technology. Smartmatic has never had ties with any government or political group anywhere in the world #elections2020,” their account tweeted on November 14. This is an outright lie that the American people are being led to believe and it’s saddening.

This tweet goes against an announcement that the company made 13 years ago. There is a press release that still exists online and we are not sure why they are trying to lie about it. They sold their Sequoia Voting Systems to Dominion in 2007. That’s not even the most egregious aspect of this lie, either. Smartmatic Chairman Lord Mark Malloch Brown gave an interview 5 years ago that is going to live in infamy.

He admitted to a Filipino news station that Smartmatic utilizes Dominion owned software. The exchange is going to be hilarious to anyone who has been chuckling at Brown’s refusal to be honest. “The question on people’s minds, why is Smartmatic even still here in the Philippines after reports it had violated provisions of the election automated law. Number one for example that it was never allowed to bid in the 2010 elections because it did not actually own the software.

Dominion owned the software. Dominion Voting owned the software. Plus the difficulty that they had to put the COMELEC (Commission on Elections) in order to access the source code. Issues like that. Your thoughts? People say we should not be subjected to Smartmatic again this time around,” the reporter asked.

Brown’s response tells us everything that we needed to know. “Yes, well I think that’s competitors who say that. The fact is, yes a part of our technology IS licensed from Dominion. But you tell me a large technology company which isn’t using in part licenses from other companies. And we have a license for the international use of that particular piece of the technology,” he replied.

In case there is any doubt whatsoever, the reporter issues one final question. “So Mark let me just cut in there and ask you, the license issued by Dominion for you to use for proprietary software, that is a live license for you to use?” they ask. Brown’s answer is “yes” and this seems to be a pretty open and shut case to us.

If you would like to learn more about this bombshell of an interview, please be sure to watch it for yourself. Those who believe that all of the talks about voting irregularities are the product of conspiracies are in for a rude awakening once they have the chance to educate themselves. The proof is out there for anyone who wants to find out what they need to know and we hope that all Americans start to engage with the information that is readily circulating.