Virginia Cuts Crimes and Punishment Against Police Officers Down to a Misdemeanor

To say that police officers and law enforcement personnel have had a rough year is just about the understatement of the decade.

In the recent months and weeks since George Floyd’s death while in police custody in late May, law enforcement everywhere in the country has been under intense scrutiny. In addition, several cities and local jurisdictions, such as Minneapolis and New York City, have made the unfortunate decision to defund their police departments, cutting their already limited resources to next to nothing.

But now, even crimes against police officers are getting cut.

At least, that’s the case in the state of Virginia. According to WSLS, the Democratic-ran Senate in the Old Dominion State has just voted to make the assault of a police officer to a misdemeanor.

Now to be clear, the assault of any law enforcement officer has always been a crime. But up until now, and in every state of America, it has been a felony, punishable by at least six months in jail.

On Wednesday, that all changes.

Per WSLS, “the Virginia Senate voted 21-15 to pass Senate Bill 5032, which would allow an assault against a law enforcement officer to a misdemeanor if the person attacked is not hurt.”

The summary of the bill states:

“Eliminates the mandatory minimum term of confinement for an assault and battery committed against a judge; magistrate; law enforcement officer; correctional officer; person directly involved in the care, treatment, or supervision of inmates; firefighter; or volunteer firefighter or any emergency medical services personnel and provides that such a crime can no longer be committed as a simple assault and must result in a bodily injury.”

So basically, if you decide you don’t want to be arrested and haul off and punch an officer in the face, you’ll only get a small fine. You won’t be charged with a felony or any jail time unless that officer receives “bodily injury” and is sent to the hospital.

Another thing to note is that it isn’t just police officers who will be affected by this law. The change also applies to attacks on EMTs, prison guards, firefighters, and judges. I’m sorry, but what did these people do to deserve such a downgrade in respect and protection? It would seem that now more than ever, these people should be given a boost.

After all, we’ve been proclaiming for months, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic that our first responders should be praised and helped out at any cost. But now, in Virginia, they have to be hurt so badly that they are admitted to a hospital to receive any sort of justice?

How does that seem fair? These people, as well as all those mentioned in this law change, continuously put their lives on the line to keep us safe and protected. And yet we are not unwilling to give them the same treatment?

The mobs of the liberal left are literally throwing fireworks, handmade bombs, bricks, bottle rockets, and frozen water bottles at the men and women who swore to serve and protect us. And instead of saying thank you for that sacrifice, we, in essence, are giving them the middle finger.

Do the Democrats of the Virginia legislature think this is going to help the situation at all? That somehow by appeasing the left, the riots, the looting, the extensive property damage will suddenly stop? If they do, they are far more ignorant and foolish than I thought.

When all this began, calls were made to defund the police. And cities listened. Some neighborhoods even did away with law enforcement entirely, creating a “peace force” to protect and implement safety instead.

In other words, their demands were met. You’d think that would have been the end of it. It should have been.

But it hasn’t been. Riots still take place in the streets, businesses are still looted, property is still damaged, people are still brutally beaten, and cops are still attacked.

And for what? Peace? Unity? Justice? I don’t even think they know anymore.

In any case, merely playing into their hands isn’t the answer.

Then again, I can’t really say that I’m surprised. After all, this is the same legislature that decided earlier in the year that our Second Amendment is terrible and, therefore, put more restrictions on gun ownership.

Because the real problem in our country is guns and police, right?