Vast Majority of Democrats Are Breaking the Law by Refusing To Recite the Pledge of Allegiance

Kraevski Vitaly/

The Pledge of Allegiance is a way for Americans to show their united allegiance to the United States of America. It is recited in schools all across the country before the day begins. It should be a reminder of the cost paid so they can live free. But the Democrats and their liberal associates within the school system have sought to extinguish the Pledge of Allegiance from the school system.

Over the years, people have been brainwashed into believing that they do not have to recite the pledge and give their support to the country that has given them so much. The liberals want the youth of America to think that the country is evil and not worthy of their support.

The dangerous ideology coming from the Democrats is that the United States is oppressive and not worthy to exist. But that thought could not be further from the truth. America exists as a place where people can live free and escape from other parts of the world where tyranny oppresses people.

Mari Oliver is a student that has never tasted oppression from a ruling government. A teacher told the anti-American student to write out the Pledge of Allegiance for a grade. And all Oliver could do was doodle on the paper and receive a failing grade.

Oliver’s excuse for not doing the assignment was because of the way her ancestors have treated her hundreds of years ago. Oliver decided that this was her chance to make some quick cash off her teacher Benjie Arnold. She sued the teacher, who ended up having to pay $90, h

The laws governing the Pledge of Allegiance vary by state and location. There are currently forty-seven states in the Union that require the Pledge of Allegiance to be recited in schools. But each of those states has had to tweak its laws because of a ruling in 1943 from the Supreme Court that ruled people cannot be forced to salute and recite the flag if they do not want to do it.

States get around the law by offering exemptions to students that claim it violates their beliefs. But even within those states, the laws vary from one state to the next.

The state of Massachusetts has a law that reads, “Failure for two consecutive weeks by a teacher to salute the flag and recite said pledge as aforesaid, or to cause the pupils under his charge so to do, shall be punished for every such period by a fine of not more than five dollars.” Any teacher that fails to recite the pledge in their classroom can be punished with fines for refusing to be patriotic.

In some states, such as California, the decision to recite or not is left up to each school district or school board. One school would have to recite the pledge right across the street; another school is not required. But they have in common that they all live in America and need to show their support to the men and women that defend the freedoms they enjoy.

Joe Biden and the Democrats are the most unpatriotic people in the country. They believe that America is an evil country that needs to be punished with extinction because of things in its past. But the country was founded on principles of freedom that are found nowhere else in the world.

The liberals hate America because they cannot dictate what people can and cannot do. They are powerless to force people to obey their evil commands. So they resort to attacking the youth and brainwashing them into thinking that they do not need to show their support for their country.

America exists as a place of hope for the oppressed and abused globally. It is the one place in all of the world where they can flee and be accepted without fearing persecution at the hands of an oppressor. The Democrats want to destroy this fact about America because they do not want to see a place where they cannot control the people.