Vaccine Company Finds a Way to Target Variant Specific Viral Attacks


The race to find a viable vaccine that can target the new variants produced through endless mutations. The Democrats believe that they have some super ability to control things that are way out of their league. But the vaccine developers think that they can create a booster that would target the new omicron variant.

The news sounds great at first thought, except they do not know what kind of mutation will occur. The omicron variant has already started to die off and be replaced by another version of itself. The COVID-19 has already shown that it cannot be controlled by a person calling themselves a Democrat.

The news comes when stocks are falling off, and a new way to make money is badly needed. Moderna is telling the world that they will be the ones that develop the new drug so they can get the next round of contracts and rights to help bolster their profits.

The COVID-19 vaccine will have to be treated like every flu vaccine that comes out each year.

Scientists have been telling politicians for months that the boosters will not work against any new variant that comes out onto the scene. The first found of vaccinations did the job at saving lives, and now it is time for new ones to be developed. But they cannot be created to fight old variants that are no longer going to be effective at fighting the virus.

They are facing the problem that they do not know how effective it will be. The company goes through the testing phases to see which one would be the best option. They found their group of test subjects and are pumping them full of vaccines. The era of human experimentation has arrived on the doorstep of a Democratic president bent on total control and domination of every area that he can get his hands on. Moderna must do their research and find out which option is best for them. The power of money is highly influential.

Stephane Bancel is the chief executive of Moderna and has recently stated that “We believe a booster will be needed. I don’t know yet if it is going to be the existing vaccine, omicron-only, or bivalent: Omicron and existing vaccine, two mRNA in one dose.”

Moderna is trying to make a move that will put them in the front of the race to create a vaccine that will target new variants as they come out. But there is not one company even talking about the human equation and the body’s natural ability to fight viral infections. The COVID-19 has turned into a watered-down version of the common cold. The vast majority of people will be able to fight the virus on their own without a vaccine to help. But the liberals do need the drama to keep pushing their lockdowns on kids and others they need to control.

Newsmax also reported that “Bancel also confirmed that under the best-case scenario Moderna would have ready by August 2023 a so-called pan-vaccine which would protect simultaneously against COVID-19, flu and other respiratory diseases.”

Newsmax also found out that Moderna is thinking of the money side of things. Moderna is seeking a way to mix the vaccine with other drugs to fight multiple things at once. They will sell the drug in Europe and other regions around the world. The company will stand to make billions off of the new booster set to fight every known sickness in existence in plain language.

Moderna wants to become the leader in viral vaccines and treatment drugs. Their announcement and testing will set them apart from the rest of the companies developing drugs to fight COVID-19. But in the long term, they will serve the insane desires of the Democratic Party that needs the vaccine to control people and force them to do what they need them to do. Joe Biden and his regime need the virus and pandemic to finish their push for a liberal-run country. But the virus has remained one step ahead of them, and they cannot seem to catch up.