VA Governor Tells Government to Crack Down on Unvaccinated People

Terry McAuliffe is a wretched Democrat seeking to have another term in the governor’s office in Virginia. His sick little mind thinks that he can do better with getting people to accept the vaccination. He would plan to get rough with and “make life difficult” for them. He is a perfect version of a typical Democrat that would resort to violent behavior to get what he wants out of people.

McAuliffe’s words are uncalled for at best. He was invited to speak at the Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society’s conference. He took a moment to blast away at the people who refuse to take the vaccine and mentions that to stop the pandemic, vaccine mandates would need to happen, or those who resist will not be able to buy or sell in society.

The Democrats have the end of the world mentality about them. This sad man wants to make it extremely hard for people to do anything in society because they choose not to get a shot in the arm. McAuliffe is all about power and control. His intentions may be genuine, but he wants to force people to take away a fundamental aspect of what it means to be an American.

Democrats hate people’s ability to choose. They believe that they should be able to dictate what people do and how they do it. McAuliffe thought it was the end of society just because there are millions of people still unvaccinated. He failed to mention that most people have a natural immunity to the virus because they have already had it.

During his little rant of a speech, he mentions that “And I tell my private businesses all the time: ‘I hope you mandate vaccines for people coming in. Until we make it hard for people get on planes or go to movie theaters, people just aren’t going to do it.”

People are stubborn, according to this man. He thinks that leadership is forcing people into compliance. His speech was followed by Chris Christie coming out onto the stage. Both of them were set to talk about COVID-19.

McAuliffe was quick to attack Christie and accuse him of being some extremist. He said that Christie has brought “this crazy right-wing ideology” onto the stage. He furthered attacked by insinuating that Christie thought that laws should not be developed that are worthless and could not be enforced.

The point that Christie was trying to make was that McAuliffe’s approach was unconstitutional. The demonic Democrat would have to get rid of the Constitution to implement what he is proposing to do. But the evil would not stop with a full vaccination record. He would want more power, and his greed would grow to the point that he would force people to do other things against their will.

The nasty left is right behind McAuliffe and his ideas. Dr. Leana Wen says the same thing that “It needs to be hard for people to remain unvaccinated.”

Wen continued to spew her propaganda by saying, “But at some point these mandates, by workplaces, by schools, I think it will be important to say, ‘Hey, you can opt-out, but if you want to opt-out, you have to sign these forms, you have to get twice-weekly testing,’ Basically, we need to make getting vaccinated the easy choice.”

It is already an easy choice. The point is that not everyone is going to want to get a shot in the arm. Most people do not need the vaccination because they have already suffered through the viral infection and won. They are ready to move on with their life.

The left does not have a clue. According to the Palmer Report, they see Republicans and conservatives as a “threat to national security,” according to the Palmer Report. The blue blog also mentioned that all unvaccinated people should be “locked out of public places.” The Democrats have a divisive spirit, and there will be no end to the attacks until they are clean out of power at the next election.