Utah Cuts the Heart out of Democratic Love Triangle

The Democrats are feeling void as more people abandon ship with the liberals at the helm. Their crowd of cheerful supporters has dwindled to a mere handful of brainwashed souls bent on taking over the world. The general public has a hatred for the Democratic Party since they have lied and cheated their way into power. The broken promises are but another reminder of the selfishness within the party.

The liberal’s baby has long been the pandemic. It was the disguise that they were going to use to place their socialistic rules on people forcefully. The lockdowns, business closures, and restrictions were just the start of a long line of abuses that they were going to impose.

The conservative base has had enough, and they are fighting back. Republican-run states are imposing their own set of limitations on how far the Democrats can go at all levels of authority. And the one state that is erasing the disease of liberalism from its mist is the state of Utah.

The local liberals had messed up the intent of facial covers so much that the state legislature had to step in and normalize society. Liberals look for power, and once they find it, they will exploit everything they can out of it until someone stops their nastiness.

The bill that Utah passed cuts the heart out of the local Democrats. It removes their authority over mandating any mask mandates or pandemic-related rules on students in schools and universities. The kids are going to be able to breathe free in Utah once again.

Val Peterson is the surgeon that cut the heart out of the liberal’s love triangle. He stated that “county officials would still be able to invoke mask orders in consultation with local health officials in schools that have coronavirus outbreaks. The legislation only applies to COVID-19 and would not prevent people from wearing face coverings.”

The insanity that the jealous liberals have placed on people is next to abusive. Kids are passing out in school, and others are beaten for taking it off for a moment of fresh air.

Peterson was succinct when he stated, “At some point this has to end. What this bill is really about is making sure we have those assurances to our students that they can go forward next fall and get right into the school year without the thought of masks and what that might mean.”

The nasty part about how the Democratic schools have approached the pandemic is that they will not let it die out. They need the virus to control people and to make their lives miserable. The love that they have for power tears people apart and destroys just about everything they touch.

The new law states that it “…prohibits an institution of higher education from requiring a face covering to participate in or attend instruction, activities, or in any other place on the campus of the institution after the end of the spring semester in 2021.”

Moving forward, life is going to get back to normal whether the Democrats like it or not. The bill also protects a person’s privacy and prohibits anyone from asking if they have been vaccinated or not. They cannot even ask for proof of the vaccination.

Of course, Jennifer Dailey-Provost just could not stand losing her heart and appealed to the children to stop the bill. The science contradicts her statement because kids are the safest group when it comes to infections.

She would cry, “For me, a single dead child is a child too many. The problem with the way this is set up is, absent an actual outbreak, we can’t ask students to wear masks and the whole point of a mask is to prevent an outbreak.” The great thing is that there is no outbreak. The masks can now come off.

The push for no more mask-wearing is gaining national attention. Students are getting involved and telling the liberals where they can place their mask ideas. One fourth-grader in Florida pretty much told the school what they could go and do with their mask mandate. He has seen the effects of wearing one too long, and he wants it to stop.