US Slides to the Left with Passports that Allow for “X” as a Gender

By Evgenia Parajanian/
By Evgenia Parajanian/

The United States has been slipping further and further to the left. The Biden administration has made it possible for all of the progressives to shove their ridiculous agendas through. And now, we’ve slipped even further to the left.

Remember when there were only two genders? You marked yourself as male or female and you moved on. Not anymore. The new administration finds it perfectly acceptable for you to not identify as either.

Now, if you get a passport, you have the ability to mark “X” as a gender. That means that you simply cannot decide what you are or you don’t want to be labeled as one or another.

Let’s, for a moment, forget just how ridiculous this is. Let’s look, instead, at how dangerous it could be to not mark one gender or another.

A passport is a legal document. It’s a way for people to identify who you are. When people identify, they look for specific things – and that includes gender. Are they looking for a man or a woman? Well, if you mark “X,” they won’t be looking for either. They’ll just be looking for a person.

We’ve been ridiculed by other countries because we’re allowing genders to be so fluid. Even Vladimir Putin has laughed at us, and that’s saying a lot. And even doctors across the US are getting frustrated. After all, gynecologists can only see biological women. Regardless of how you may identify yourself, if you don’t have female anatomy, you cannot go to a gynecologist. Yet, those who are confused by their anatomy can’t accept that basic science is guiding this.

It’s not that we’re prejudiced. It’s not that we’re trying to pigeonhole. We’re literally trying to be guided by science.

Yet, that’s not happening when it comes to one of the most important documents we may ever possess.

Rather than see it as the collapse of modern society, it’s being considered a groundbreaking opportunity for those who are within the LGBTQ+ arena. We’ve decided to cater to the minority instead of the majority.

According to Jessica Stern, the US special diplomatic envoy for LGBTQ rights, “When a person obtains identity documents that reflect their true identity, they live with greater dignity and respect.” She goes on to explain that there’s a wider spectrum of human sex characteristics in the “X” gender designation than there were with the two previous designations.

Wow. It’s amazing that we were able to survive as a nation for over 200 years without this designation. Only now are we learning that people have simply been feeling undignified and disrespected simply because they had to be honest, look at their basic anatomy, and click the corresponding box.

So far, the State Department has only issued one passport, and they won’t identify who that person is. The department hopes to make this a more widespread possibility moving forward. The third gender marker of “X” will be for those who categorize themselves as gender-non-conforming, intersex, or nonbinary. In order for the passport to get the final approval for this change, it will need to go through the Office of Management and Budget.

Only a few other countries have allowed for such a designation, including New Zealand, Australia, and Canada.

As for how we’re supposed to identify these people in an airport without mentioning gender, well, that’s for us to figure out. Stern dismisses the doubts by saying “We see this as a way of affirming and uplifting the human rights of trans and intersex and gender-nonconforming and nonbinary people everywhere.”