Unity? Don’t Hold Your Breath! GOP Proposes COVID Relief Bill That Actually Addresses COVID Not Blue State Bailouts

A group of ten Republican Senators have decided to put a stop to the disunity and bickering that is taking place in Washington, D.C. Maine Senator Susan Collins is at the head of the group and they are now issuing their own COVID-19 relief framework. The outline was published in a letter, sent to Joe Biden and now we await further comment.

Collins and the other 9 Senators are adamant about wanting to get a relief bill passed. Their plan includes $160 billion that will be distributed to nurses, doctors, and hospitals. The vaccine distribution, contact tracing, and personal protective equipment aspects are a bit vaguer but these are the goals that Collins has established.

Small business relief is also of the utmost importance. School assistance was not forgotten and in case readers are wondering, these are all crucial aspects of the Biden plan. If you head to the Collins website, these senators are letting the world know about the leftover money from previous bills that can still be spent.

“Just last month, Congress provided $900 billion in additional resources, and communities are only now receiving much of that assistance. Some of the spending appropriated through the CARES Act, passed last March, also has yet to be exhausted. The proposal we have outlined is mindful of these past efforts, while also acknowledging the priorities that need additional support right now,” her site says.

No one should be shocked by this. We are not stunned at all that there are leftover monies sitting around going neglected. Are the bureaucrats holding up the release of the cash? We wouldn’t be surprised if they were sitting around arguing about how the money is going to be sent out. There are also a number of Republicans who are fed up with the idea of throwing money at problems that cannot be fixed.

Trillions of dollars were thrown at this crisis and nothing came of it. How can the Democratic senators look at the results that we got for all of the money that was spent and think that its a good idea? Those who think that they can simply throw cash at a problem of this magnitude are placing themselves in a very dangerous position.

Smaller businesses are going under and larger businesses are declaring bankruptcy. Sure, a small cash payment to every American can provide a little bit of momentary relief. Long term, it is the businesses that need the help. Students also need to be back in the classroom. Teachers and students must be vaccinated so that the world of education can return to normalcy.

State and local governments did not overreact when they decided to close down. No one wants to be responsible for widespread death and illness. However, there is a certain point in time when personal responsibility comes into play. Many businesses have figured out how to survive and adapt. Professional sports leagues resumed play after a relatively brief break and other responsible business owners started to offer to-go options if possible.

The government did not need to be handed more power in the midst of a pandemic but this is exactly what Americans have decided to do. For example, federal, state, and local governments are all being given the chance to distribute the vaccines. Why shouldn’t pharmacies and hospitals be at the head of this line? This strategy would probably have far more success but what do we know?

We’re not in the federal government and we can’t properly explain why they have been entrusted with this vitally important task. The aforementioned Republicans are trying their best to remain sane during these trying times. Meanwhile, the Democrats are looking to throw money around like drunken sailors. Whether cooler heads end up prevailing remains to be seen but something needs to change. No amount of money is going to get us out of the current predicament that we are in.