United States Must Protect Ally Nation As War Mounts


There are a lot of violent nations that have popped up around the world ever since weak Joe Biden took over the White House. The president does not have the mental ability to confront and stand up to the nasty world leaders that seek to invade and destroy their neighbors. And the area of the world that seems to get the most attention is none other than the Middle East.

The progressive left and beloved puppet president want to join hands with every terrorist organization that is out there. And ever since the United Arab Emirates has joined forces with those that would seek peace, they have come under attack by their terrorist neighbors.

The United States sits as an ally to the UAE. And now that they have become a favored target of terrorists, the United States is at risk of being dragged into a regional conflict that Joe Biden and his brute squad would love to avoid.

Iran would love to see the United States pulled into a conflict in the Middle East. It would give them the excuses they need to blame America for involving itself in the issues.

Yemen and its Houthi rebels are the latest groups of nomadic terrorists targeted the region with rocket attacks. The United States has had to engage the missiles and blow them out of the air using Patriot missiles to keep innocent people from being killed.

Iran supports the Houthis. And Iran is favored by Joe Biden, which puts him in a tight corner. On the one hand, Biden wants to let Iran continue to build their weapons of war, and on the other hand, he has to submit to being an ally and protect the UAE from being attacked by its terrorist neighbors.

Joe Biden is responsible for creating a hostile environment in the first place. Donald Trump had peace secured in the region when he left office. He proved to the world that the United States is led by a crazy man who is unwilling to engage in acts of war to protect the innocent. But along comes sleepy Biden and makes a mess of the world, starting with his timeless support of China and his embarrassing withdrawal from Afghanistan.

The United States is at least sending in more fighter planes and warships to the region. The UAE is an American ally and has the right to depend on America for military support and protection. But such involvement puts Biden back in the hot seat of what he is willing to do for an ally.

He has already abandoned Israel to its enemies with his refusal to act boldly in support of this ally. He ditched out on Afghanistan when its people needed protection the most. And he certainly has not been a friend to European nations and how he has supported Asian nations in their pursuit of natural resources. The president has even abandoned Americans because he has killed off transportation projects that would have made it easier for oil to be refined for American consumption.

The UAE is one of the few places that people can go in the Middle East and not fear an attack from a hostile. But that has all changed now that the Democrats have taken control of the political landscape in America. And all they can do at this point is warn travelers to avoid going to the UAE until things quiet down. But things will not quiet down as long as the liberals remain in control.

The Houthis terrorists are so bold in their attacks that they are willing to attack the Al-Dhafra Air Base, which houses American troops. They know that attacking the base would most likely bring a response. But with Joe Biden sitting at the helm, they also know it will not be an adequate response. Joe Biden is the spineless president who is not willing to protect Americans living in other world regions. He is scared of ticking off the Chinese and repaying the loans they own.