UN Climate Summit Exposed as a Sham…

By Alexandros Michailidis/shutterstock.com
By Alexandros Michailidis/shutterstock.com

Following the 2021 UN Climate Summit in Glasgow, Scotland, recently, it’s been easy to pick apart all of the hypocrisy on display by leaders such as Democratic President Joe Biden, Biden’s climate change czar John Kerry, and those like Amazon’s Jeff Bezos.

I mean, here they are attending an international event to discuss how to cut down on fossil fuel emissions and such, and most of them all used massive private jets and big, gas-guzzling vehicles to get there. Biden, in particular, was put on four separate flights via Air Force One and then used an 80-car motorcade for a quick stopover in Rome to see the Pope.

As climate activist and the world unhappiest child, Greta Thunberg, correctly pointed out, all of it was “Blah, blah, blah.”

That goes for the actual discussions going on at the summit as well.

Oh, sure, the dignitaries from the 200 countries in attendance talked about and “made plans” to fix the planet or at least to cut down on worldwide emissions. They agreed they would all work to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 45 percent by the time 2030 gets here. And all the nations involved promised to report their progress on that front annually to the UN.

However, there’s just a few small problems.

Firstly, as all UN climate change summits go, they don’t result in legally binding laws. Instead, it’s basically just a pact they all “agree” to and sign off on. But that doesn’t mean any of those nations are really going to follow and abide by it.

And that brings us to the second major issue.

If you didn’t already know, the United States is far from being the most fossil fuel emitting country on the planet. Shocking, I know. With all the mumbling and ever-constant rhetoric of the political left and those like AOC with her New Green Deal, you’d think America alone was to blame for the planet’s demise.

However, that title actually goes to China, and shortly behind it, India. And no, it’s not just because those nations are 1) massive and 2) have even more massive populations. Instead, it’s because they seem to simply not care about their effects on our environment decade after decade.

Perhaps this is because they just haven’t bought into all the mumbo jumbo about the planet ending in some 12 years or so. Or maybe, they think they can survive whatever is thrown at them. Whatever the case, they aren’t exactly known for playing their part in UN agreements, climate-based or otherwise.

And this year, with the COP26, things weren’t really any different.

Hell, China’s President Xi Jinping didn’t even attend the summit this year, if that tells you anything. Of course, he sent an envoy on his behalf, and the nation did participate in the discussions, as well as sign off on the not so legally binding agreement.

However, it is to be noted that when the summit decided that the world should “phase out” of coal, in particular, China wouldn’t agree to anything until the wording was changed to “phase down,” according to CNBC News.

Naturally, being the pansy, yellow-bellied creatures those of the liberal left are known to be, they let themselves be pushed around and agreed to China’s demands.

As Thunberg said, “Blah, blah, blah.”

But she’s not the only one to take note of the summit’s ineffectiveness.

Take climate researcher from Wageningen University in the Netherlands, Niklas Hoehne, for example. His words in a Nature.com piece were, “COP26 has closed the gap, but it has not solved the problem.”

Similarly, a headline from the U.K.’s The Guardian read, “It could have been worse, but our leaders failed us at COP26. That’s the truth of it.”

Well, it would be the truth if climate change was really what the summit was all about. Instead, it’s turned into nothing more than a political chess game, with each nation using climate change to show themselves as woke as possible to avoid criticism prove themselves the best.

All except China that is. While Biden and others are worried about how they will appear, China, as the usual playground bully, is just doing what they want, when they want, and not being the least bit ashamed.