Typical Liberal Outrage, Only This Time, It’s Directed at Tom Brady

How could you? How dare you? This seems to be the liberal rhetoric of late because they believe that everyone should abide by their rules. Mind you, they’re not going to tell you what the rules are. They’ll just be outraged when you don’t follow them.

The Lombardi trophy is awarded to the Super Bowl champion. A new trophy is made every year, allowing a team to display the trophy all of the time. It’s not as if it’s the Stanley Cup, where only one is made and it’s handed around year after year.

The moment the Lombardi trophy was handed over to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, it was theirs. Once it belongs to them, they can do as they please with it.

The MVP of the Super Bowl and the team’s quarterback that led them to victory decided that he was going to toss the Lombardi trophy from his yacht into the capable hands of a tight end. More specifically, Tom Brady tossed it to Cameron Brate.

If there were ever two players who could handle such a throw and toss, it would be this dynamic duo.

It was their trophy. They could choose to throw it around as much as they wanted during their championship boat parade.

There were no rules established to say that the trophy had to be immediately placed on display.

However, prepare for the liberal outrage.

Lorraine Grohs wants an apology. She is the daughter of the trophy’s master silversmith, Greg Grohs. Apparently, she lost sleep over watching the trophy being thrown. She believes that it was an insult to her family’s legacy.


According to her, the trophy was “disgraced and disrespected” after so many hours go into making it.

How was it disgraced and disrespected? Players from one yacht wanted to share in the joy of holding it up as the highest honor. So, Tom Brady being the sharing, talented quarterback that he is gave it the old heave-ho and tossed it from one boat to the other.

Everyone cheered and it was held into the air victoriously.

Grohs actually had the nerve to say that she’s lost sleep for the past two days because she knows that her dad and his fellow silversmiths are “so proud” when they make the trophy.

Guess what?

The Buccaneers were really proud when they went to the Super Bowl…and won. More work goes into becoming the champions of a Super Bowl than goes into making a trophy.

Yes, it was tossed like a regular football. Why? It was a guarantee that the tight end would catch it.

There’s no need for liberal outrage when nothing happened to the trophy. If it had broken on the side of the boat, be outraged. If the pass was missed and it sunk to the bottom of Tampa Bay, be outraged. Nothing happened to the trophy.

It was celebrated with its players during the boat parade. Now, it sits proudly inside of the Raymond James stadium. No harm, no foul. Literally.

So, Lorraine Grohs wants an apology. She wants to receive an apology not just to her and her family and all of the other silversmiths but also to the fans.

Say what, now?

She should plan on holding her breath. No one is going to be apologizing to her or to the fans of Tampa Bay. Why? The players did nothing wrong. They had some fun. If anything, the Lombardi trophy has finally received the victorious display that it deserves.

The intention has to be brought into consideration. The intent was to celebrate the trophy. The intent was to ensure that all of the players got a chance to hold it up in victory. There was no intention to disrespect the trophy. And even if there was, it’s their trophy now. The silversmiths should be proud of what they made – and that it is durable enough to hold up to even the most vigorous of celebrations.