Truth Bomb: If You Are Against Voter ID, You’re Looking to Cheat

Let’s be honest. We have to show IDs for absolutely everything that we do. Voting should be no different.

Although the Democrats want to argue that it is discrimination, it’s not. You don’t hear anyone arguing that it’s discrimination when a person is asked for ID to buy alcohol or to obtain prescription medication. So, why is voting so different?

Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General dropped a truth bomb on WABC’s 770 AM radio show “The Cat’s Roundtable.” He explains that “The only reason you don’t want people to have a photo ID is that people can cheat.”

The Democrats have been quick to say that there has been no cheating in past elections. Yet, they’re the first ones to say that a city or state cheated when the polls don’t go in their direction.

And did the Democrats cheat to get Biden into office? It’s highly likely.

The numbers simply don’t add up. More people came out to vote for Joe Biden than in any other presidential election in history. Why would so many Americans be eager to vote for an old, white male? After all, the Democrats were constantly at odds during the primaries. They believed that a minority needed to be represented.

The Democratic primaries were full of diversity. We had Latinx, Black, and Asian minorities represented. Yet, when it came down to getting on the presidential ballot, it was a white male that won. Many felt that Biden didn’t belong there. Some even went as far as saying that they wouldn’t vote in the general election because there was no one on the ticket that they felt they could support.

Yet, not only did Biden win, but he also received more votes than any other candidate ever. It’s truly unbelievable. And when something is that unbelievable, it generally points at the possibility of cheating.

Ahh, well, that’s why we’re in this whole voter ID mess, to begin with.

The Republicans believe that an ID should be required to vote. It doesn’t have to be a driver’s license. Virtually any time of ID will work – Medicare card, student ID, or something that shows that a person is who they say they are. And, when it comes to absentee ballots, there still has to be voter ID. The polling stations will also have to match the signature to ensure that the real person is casting their votes.

Why is this a problem? A person has to show an ID for almost every other major transaction, too.

Well, the Democrats believe it’s a form of discrimination. They believe that it prevents black and poor communities from being able to vote.

It’s a bogus claim. And, it has many black Republicans furious because they’re being picked on. Anyone who wants an ID can obtain one. And there are plenty of government programs to help people obtain the necessary documentation that they need.

If the Democrats were really concerned about helping the black and poor communities, they wouldn’t be arguing about voter IDs. Instead, they would be in the trenches, working to get every black and poor person an ID. After all, they’re used in other aspects of everyday life, too.

There are two things happening simultaneously.

The Democrats are pushing for countless migrants to enter the country.

The Democrats are requesting that we don’t ask for any kind of photo ID.

Coincidence? Absolutely not. As soon as the Democrats win, we’re going to have hundreds of thousands of migrants in the country. They won’t have to show any kind of photo ID to vote. And, for those who want to argue that migrants won’t be on the voting registries, just wait. It’s only a matter of time before that new piece of legislation rolls out.

The photo ID is the only way to keep the voting fair and legal. Yet, the Democrats want to have the option to cheat. And as Paxton says, calling the requirement of voter ID discriminatory is “just a red herring, and it’s just not true.”