Trump’s’ New Social Media Platform, “Truth Social”, Is on the Launchpad and Ready To Blast Off

By Gino Santa Maria/
By Gino Santa Maria/

Social media platforms have a habit of self-censoring content they feel is unacceptable or untruthful. Facebook calls it “violating community standards” when their team determines a post isn’t suitable to be viewed by the yearning masses. The violator is then thrown into “Facebook jail” for a few days, unable to use the platform until they realize the error of their ways. If the user then persists with tossing out information big brother disagrees with, they’re given a pink slip and are told to never return. So begins the story of one Donald J. Trump, 45th president of the United States.

Not by choice, Trump had an on-again/off-again relationship with social media platforms, particularly with Facebook and Twitter which were his primary bullhorns. They’d ban him for a while and then reluctantly allow him to come back so they could ban him again. It was an endless cycle.

Once both platforms had swallowed all they could stand, they handed the president his final walking papers. But the Donald Trump we all know and love simply shrugged his shoulders. He knew it would eventually come to this and he was simply stretching the rubber band as far as it would go. It’s what he does. 

But one thing he doesn’t do is let anyone or anything stand in his way. Since FB and Twitter have served their intended purposes, as planned, Trump is laughing at both platforms as he kicks off his own. That’s right. 

Trump Media & Technology Group is about to give its rivals a run for their money with the upcoming launch of its own platform, “Truth Social.” Trump’s national popularity is growing in leaps and bounds thanks to Joe Bidens less than stellar performance, and he needed a better way to reach his people. So, he’s doing what any gazillionaire would do by doing his own thing. It’ll take way more than a bunch of frightened pissed-off libs to keep this good man down.

In his typical language, Trump issued a statement. “We live in a world where the Taliban has a huge presence on Twitter, yet your favorite American President has been silenced. This is unacceptable.”

The peculiar thing about Trump’s banning is that based on research by the New York Times and other internet studies, conservative posts perform equally as well as liberal posts. Of the top 10 performing posts on Facebook, five of them, which also contained links to articles, were conservative. Since users appear to be politically split in half, wouldn’t it have made better sense to let Trump have his voice? Easy answer; yes. 

The liberals who run the platforms felt that putting the nix on Trump would also calm down his posse of supporters who wouldn’t be hearing so much out of their boisterous leader. It hasn’t worked. He’s only become more popular. Oops…

You don’t know Trump very well if you think he’s gonna stop with a social media platform. No siree. As he’s been known to always do, the man’s going “bigly” into the future. Next on his list? How about a video-on-demand channel? It’ll broadcast the expected news programs and podcasts, but the network will also include traditional entertainment. The service will be called TMTG+.

But hold on. We aren’t done. Once all of this is up and running, which will be very soon, Trump’s going to stick his toes into the world of cloud computing and online payment apps. From there, no one should be foolish enough to assume what will come next. 

When Donald Trump feels slighted or treated unfairly, he doesn’t cry over spilled milk, he becomes a ruthless predator who not only gets even, he leaves his competitors eating his dust.

Stay tuned. All of this is just around the corner.