Trump Slams Cowardly Media for Ignoring Biden’s Link to Crime and Corruption

The country wants to know why Hunter Biden is being let off the hook as it relates to his corruption findings. The media has mostly ignored the news about what has been found by two committees. The media would have demanded the resignations of Republicans had these findings been found true of a relative of President Trump.

The reluctance by the media to report on such findings is typical Democratic protection. They protect the liberals at all costs. But when a conservative is found with any dark secrets, the media immediately demands them to be prosecuted beyond the law’s extent.

President Trump is not letting them get away with hiding Biden’s involvement with his son’s affairs. He has questioned the media about their silence on the issue. He wants to know why they have not looked into Hunter Biden’s involvement with the Ukraine, China, and Russia.

The president stated that “If we had a media that was fair — even just reasonable — this would be the biggest story for years and years. Then you’d be entitled to real Pulitzer Prizes, not the fake committee that gives away these fake awards.” The media no longer reports on things worthy of prestigious rewards.

Instead, they award themselves for making up for their lack of professionalism.

In one story that came out from the New York Times, it was reported that the president had not paid taxes for the past ten years. But the truth is that he has paid taxes every year, but he has been audited for the past ten years—just another example of their fakes stories full of lies.

Biden’s son continues to elude prosecution for his crimes. Two different committees in the Senate have come out and said that Biden’s son was performing work that was conflicting against the work of the Obama rule. And it was Joe Biden that pushing for his son to get rich off the corruption of another nation.

Hunter Biden is said to have “cashed in” using his father’s name. But one can only wonder about the part that Joe Biden had in his son’s dealings. Daddy Biden used his influence to get his son on the board of Burisma so he could influence the country and make millions of dollars.

Biden’s son has been blowing smoke ever since he resigned from the board of the gas company. He has remained in the shadows hoping that things will blow over, and he can keep the money that he stole from the Ukrainian people.

President Trump is calling it as he sees it. Hunter Biden has taken money from crucial leaders around the world. And with all of the Russian cooperation with the Democrats to try and discredit President Trump, it looks like the Biden’s are right in the middle of those issues as well.

Hunter Biden has taken money from a widow in Moscow whose husband had once been the mayor. Somehow he got the widow to pay him $3.5 million. President Trump wants to know where the media is at since there is now a stable Russian connection to the Democratic Party’s filth.

The president’s son posted, “Hunter Biden received $3.5 million wire transfer from Elena Baturina, the billionaire widow of Yury Luzhkov, the former mayor of Moscow a known associate of Vladimir Putin. Where are our fearless ‘journalists’ now that there’s a real Russia connection?” Trump Jr. tweeted.

Later the president chimed in and said that Joe Biden was in on the money. He is the only reason his son was able to get that kind of money out of a widow in another country. And like a good deny it all party, the Democrats are remaining silent on the entire issue.

The issue of corruption surrounds Joe Biden and his criminal family. His actions as the vice president were questionable at best. He did things with Obama’s knowledge, that would put normal people behind bars for life. These are the things that the president is trying to dig up about the frauds milking the country for every last cent they can get out of everyone.