Trump Keeps Delivering for Americans and Frees 2 More American Hostages From Yemen

There are a number of aspects of the Trump presidency that do not receive the proper recognition from the mainstream media. His sterling track record of getting American hostages removed from adverse foreign situations is at the top of the list. These stories simply don’t seem to get their just dues. We have gotten used to it, to be honest.

That does not mean that this has to become the norm. We can still take the time and effort to give credit where it is due. For example, the mainstream media has been slow to speak up about his latest successful hostage negotiation. Two Americans who were being held hostage in Yemen are now coming home, thanks to the efforts of the president.

“We join all Americans in welcoming their newly regained freedom,” Trump tweeted. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has also confirmed the rescue. The two Americans, Sandra Loli and Mikael Gidada, were released during an exchange facilitated by Trump. The remains of a third hostage, Bilal Fateen, were also released.

According to the White House, 250 of the Iranian-backed Houthi rebels from Oman were released in the exchange. Kieran Ramsey is the director of the administration’s hostage recovery cell and they say that the two hostages should be on their way back to the United States before long. These are the stories that should be discussed around the clock but instead, everyone is swept away with election drama.

“Today, the @realdonaldtrump Administration secured the release of two American hostages held captive by Houthis in Yemen. We join all Americans in welcoming their newly regained freedom,” tweeted Pompeo. Richard Grenell also took to Twitter to celebrate the victory. “Big news. More Americans freed. Thank you, @realDonaldTrump,” he said.

Is there really anyone out there who thinks that this would happen under the leadership of Joe Biden? Trump has a great record of this and we wish that people would be willing to offer praise. At the moment, it feels like everyone has already assumed that Trump is going to lose. That’s why they are being quiet about the achievements that he is responsible for during the final days of his first term.

Biden is not going to be able to handle these types of issues with foreign powers because he is too scared to negotiate. He would rather let them walk all over him in the name of diplomacy. Anyone who thinks that these stories are going to be continued if and when Biden takes office is deluding themselves severely.

These are the things that we lose out on when the Democrats take over. Does anyone remember the apology tour that Barack Obama went on after he took office, in hopes of making everyone forget about all of the things that happened while he was not in the White House. Can you imagine how much worse this would be under Biden? He’s even more of a doormat and we did not think that was possible.

Trump has worked hard to remove Americans from foreign conflicts. Meanwhile, the Democrats talk a really good game about it but they do not do anything. If you are the type to be impressed by all sorts of flowery speeches, this is the best party. Anyone who actually wants to see results should stick with Trump going forward but we can’t vote on anyone’s behalf. All we can do is share the truth and hope that it helps.

That’s all anyone can do at the moment, to be honest. The mainstream media is never going to tell the truth, that is for sure. A president that works on behalf of the American people should be protected and honored at all times. We are not working with blinders on, though. This is the way of the world now and we are OK with that. Hopefully, the American voter takes the time to think long and hard before making a final decision.