Trump Caravans and ISIS Supporters are the Same? Not Even Close

Liberal media will do anything and everything to convince people that Trump supporters are more violent than Biden supporters – even if it means comparing Americans who support our sitting president to terrorists.

A columnist for the Boston Globe, Renee Graham, makes the disgusting comparison of Trump caravans looking a lot like the invasions made by Islamic State terrorists.

In side-by-side photos, she tweets, “See the difference? Me neither.”

Perhaps she needs to get her vision examined, then. Those in the caravans are waving American flags and Trump 2020 flags. They’re showing that they are patriotic and supporting President Trump for a second term. It’s one of the most American things happening in the country right now.

Meanwhile, the invasion of terrorists are waving flags that go against the ideals of their country while also holding guns and grenade launchers.

The Trump supporters aren’t violent. They’re not waving guns. They’re simply showing up to remind people that a vote for Trump is a vote for putting America first. They’re also sharing important messages, including blue lives matter and Trump will help to keep America great.

Islamic terrorists are known for being radical. They commit some of the most horrific acts the world has ever seen and identify that they are motivated by their religion. They’re the ones that are most likely to be behind the September 11 attacks – the same attacks that were responsible for the death of nearly 3,000 Americans.

The very idea that Graham would compare the Trump caravans to such a group is shameful. Trump supporters are some of the most loyal Americans – and many are veterans. They have honored their country and they want to show their support by standing behind the president – the president who has helped the economy for so many different ethnic backgrounds.

If there’s a group in America that has been linked with violence, it would be Black Lives Matter. They’re the ones that have been burning police precincts, breaking into businesses, and lighting houses on fire.

They’ve attacked cops and innocent people alike in the streets, and for what? They claim that it’s to bring light to the idea that black lives matter. Yet, many of the people they’re hurting are black people. They have no logic within their argument – and they have proven that they are incapable of having civil conversations.

Sound familiar? BLM and the Islamic State terrorists have a lot more in common than those in the Trump caravans. However, Renee Graham is the epitome of liberal media. She’s incapable of supporting Trump because she’s been told that she has to hate him. So, rather than thinking logically about how Trump can help, she’ll tear him down by making illogical comparisons on Twitter.

Graham has made a career of going against American values. While she may work for one of the oldest newspapers in Boston, the circulation is an unimpressive 136,000. She doesn’t have the journalistic capability of being hired by any newspaper of substance.

Graham would rather lie to her readers. She’d rather spark fear and rage with her left-leaning articles about police misconduct, race, and gun control. Rather than providing her readers with facts, she’d rather skew everything so that she can get everyone to hate America as much as she hates it.

When the left wants to claim the “systemic racism” in America, it’s people like Renee Graham who help to perpetuate it. She’s drawn a line in the proverbial sand and will create the racism even if it means calling supporters of the current sitting president terrorists all because they’re choosing to support Trump over Biden.

And if the media on the right were to write about Biden caravans in such a way, liberal heads around the country would explode. Though, that would require Biden to have enough loyal supporters to create a caravan – and that is where the real problem is: jealousy.