Trader Joe’s Refuses to Be Canceled

In recent weeks and months, we have seen the tenacious cancel culture of the left go after just about anything within sight, sound, smell, or touch. And so, it’s no surprise that their blind rage wouldn’t eventually target a company like Trader Joe’s.

However, it seems Trader Joe’s isn’t going to change for anyone.

According to the New York Times’ Howard Blume, the popular supermarket chain, like the rest of the United States, was accused of being racist. Apparently, a young and very liberal-minded girl decided that some of the labeling done at Trader Joe’s was rather offensive, at least to her and her family.

And as such, the 17-year-old Briones Bedell began a petition on, calling for the canceling of the apparently racist labels.

And as a result, Blume wrote, the company was “in the process of eliminating labels that use ethnic-sounding names intended to be humorous.”

His article noted, “The offending products bear such labels as Trader Ming’s for foods and condiments related to Chinese cuisine, Trader Jose’s for Mexican-style products and Trader Giotto’s for Italian-themed items.”

According to the petition, the “branding is racist because it exoticizes other cultures – it presents ‘Joe’ as the default ‘normal’ and the other characters falling outside of it – they are ‘Arabian Joe,’ ‘Trader Jose,’ and ‘Trader Joe San.’”

At first, it seemed like the petition, and it’s over 2,000 signatures had made its point and caused the company to cave like so many others recently have.

A statement was issued by a Trader Joe’s spokeswoman that noted, going forward, on the official Trader Joe’s branding would be used on all products.

Kenya Friend-Daniel said, “While this approach to product naming may have been rooted in a lighthearted attempt at inclusiveness, we recognize that it may now have the opposite effect – one that is contrary to the welcoming, rewarding customer experience we strive to create every day.”

However, just a few days later, the company issued another statement, and this one indicated there would be no backing down or kowtowing to the progressive left’s demands, no matter how offended Bedell was.

In a news release on July 24, the supermarket chain said, “A few weeks ago, an online petition was launched calling on us to ‘remove racist packaging from product.’ Following were inaccurate reports that the petition prompted us to take action. We want to be clear: we disagree that any of these labels are racist.”

Furthermore, the company noted, “We do not make decisions based on petitions.”

The company went on to explain that they had begun the use of the so-called ‘racist’ product names like Trader Jose’s, Trader Ming’s, and Trader Giotto’s decades ago. It was an attempt to add some “fun” into their marketing program, as well as show “appreciation for other cultures.”

They noted that names such as Trader Jose Premium, which is assigned to the company’s beer and Avocado’s Number, which is used for several guacamole items, were not meant to be racist in the least. And according to most of their consumers, no one but a select few, including Bedell, thought they were.

In fact, according to Trader Joe’s continuous product reviews, most of the names were “really popular.”

Now, that isn’t to say that the company refuses to change names entirely. As the news release noted, occasionally, some titles are “discontinued.” But it is not because of some petition, or a thought that somehow that name is offensive to consumers.

“A couple of years ago we asked our Buying Team to review all our products to see if we needed to update any older packages, and also see if the associated brands developed years ago needed to be refreshed.

We found that some of the older names or products just weren’t connecting or selling very well; so, they were discontinued. It’s kind of what we do.”

Additionally, the now continuous review found that most consumers see the names for exactly what they are – “an attempt to have fun with our product marketing.” Therefore, the company will not be changing any of its names in the near future, at least not because of some petition.

Screw the cancel culture that rises up to destroy hard-working citizens and companies merely trying to make the most of life in uncertain times.

If only more companies and people would stand up to the left instead of neutering and rendering themselves nothing but pathetic puppets.