To Mandate or Not to Mandate…College Officials Are In a Quandary…Is Omicron Really All That Bad?


Welcome to the variant of the month club. It’s been reported how the Chinese are experiencing a decline in human birth rates but this has obviously had no impact on the birth rate of the COVID-19 virus they pushed out of their chute. It’s popped out more offspring than the old woman who lived in a shoe. At least up until now, the renegade variants have been kinda frail, but this omicron character is rumored to have inherited the spunk of its dear old mom. It’s not yet being a bully on a playground, but all eyes are on it.

College administrators are in a quandary. They need to protect students and faculty members at all costs, but whatever decisions they reach to combat the omicron variant will surely meet intense opposition no matter which way they go. Most schools have yet to enact any new directives while a few have already reenacted previous guidelines, to include a new requirement for booster shots. Some colleges have even overreacted by reverting back to online classes only.

Kent Syverud, the school chancellor at upstate New York’s Syracuse University, was “feeling pretty good” about the upcoming spring term. Coronavirus cases were down, so like everyone, he anticipated an all-systems-go with campus life returning to its pre-pandemic normalcy. 

Things were looking up, “but omicron has changed that,” Syverud said. “It has made us go back and say until we know more about this variant for sure, we’re going to have to reinstate some precautions.” Some students and faculty will be okay with that while others are bound to raise holy hell. Hence, the quandary. 

While not as many students will be as objectionable as will staff members, reinforcing any type of previous mandates, and/or implementing new ones, is only going to contribute to another ongoing crisis of perhaps larger proportions. Campuses are already experiencing a severe shortage of educators who wouldn’t and still won’t play the game. 

Here’s what appears odd. The delta variant remains the number one COVID-19 champion by continuing to claim victory for most cases and deaths worldwide. Omnicron is still fighting its way up but has yet to prove if itself a worthy contender for the title. Yet, delta’s deadly punch has not caused any schools to reinforce the same mandates they want to reimpose for this new lightweight. Make sense?

As no great surprise, most of the schools now requiring a booster shot are smaller liberal arts colleges, but not all. Boston University, the University of Notre Dame, and the University of New Mexico have all three jumped on the liberal bandwagon. Get the booster or don’t come back. 

These major universities experienced a mass exodus of educators when they mandated the original two jabs, but being educated doesn’t always make a person smart. More of them are have already cleaned out their desks. Enough is enough, and besides, educators don’t earn enough to continue sacrificing their principles for the libs in control. 

An online petition has been circulating against schools passing booster mandates. The petition claims that 97% of students got vaccinated to continue their education and as a result, college campuses have experienced very few cases. Implementing a booster mandate, a return of wearing masks, etc, etc., is a further violation of constitutional rights and an open display of authority. This… makes sense. 

It’s up to college and university officials to call their own shots and nobody in their correct frame of mind would want to be standing in their slippers. Would you?