Time for a Wellness Check…Biden Thinks His Infrastructure Bill Will Cost “Zero Dollars”

Nothing is free. If there’s anyone who should know that, it’s a politician who has spent decades in Washington, D.C. Yet, we also have to remember who we’re dealing with. President Biden isn’t the sharpest crayon in the box, so we can’t expect for him to color within the lines.

If you ask him what the cost of his infrastructure bill is, he will tell you that it costs nothing. He’s so confident on this that he tweeted out a message to the American people.

“My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars.”

Is he serious? He says that instead of wasting money on tax breaks and loopholes for big corporations, a once-in-a-generation investment can be made – and that it will add zero dollars to the national debt, too.

Wow. He truly is delusional.

So, when everyone is saying that it’s a $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill, they’re just making it up. Congress has it wrong. The media has it wrong. It’s actually going to cost nothing at all.

Well, if that’s the case, let’s pass it right now!

That’s what Biden must be hoping for. He’s hoping that everyone is just as ignorant as he is. He’s hoping that they’ll all rush into Congress with their pens in hand to get the bill signed as quickly as possible.

All of this arguing on both sides and it’s all been for nothing. Silly Congress. They were trying to figure out how to fund it – and all along, it was going to cost zero dollars.

Does Biden have a money tree sitting somewhere on White House grounds that no one knows about? Does he have an army of people who are willing to work for free?

This may be one of the most asinine comments to come out of the president’s mouth. Of course it’s going to cost money.

However, the liberals are trying to go against Senator Joe Manchin. The only senator who is capable of adding numbers has warned that the plan is expensive – and his constituents don’t want to spend that kind of money. So, the liberals have decided to roll out a PR campaign where they try to fool America into believing Biden’s tweet.

The reality is that it is going to cost – and it’s going to cost a lot. They’ll pay for it with a massive tax hike, starting with corporations. We all understand how a corporate tax hike works – the cost of goods will go up and there will likely be a few thousand layoffs along the way, too.

That’s great for the economy, right? When all of that happens, Biden will still be sitting in his straight jacket claiming that it cost zero dollars and that he’s the greatest president to ever be.

It’s all a lie. And, the saddest part about it is that it’s a lie that the liberals think Americans will believe.

Oh, and if their lies weren’t enough, they want to drag Trump-era legislation into the argument. If Trump hadn’t made a tax cut for the rich and for the big corporations, there’d be plenty of money to pay for the plan.

Ahh, but the liberals forget. That Trump-era tax cut also allowed middle-class Americans to keep more of their money. It’s what kept the economy going strong.

Unfortunately, we have Biden lying about the cost of the plan and the rest of his liberal pals going along with it. Nothing is for free – and Americans will have to pay the price, quite literally.