This Tight-Knit Family of Killers Is Counting on Biden Making Good on His Promise. “We Don’t Want to Die”

Death row inmates have but one appointment listed on their schedule of upcoming events. As they rot in solitude, sometimes for years, while awaiting their just rewards, one has to wonder where their thoughts wander. Are they consumed with the thought of death? Are they begging God for forgiveness? Or are they thinking about politics…

Inmates of prison death wards have unique ways of communicating among themselves. It may be in the form of flinging a note on a string and landing it close enough to be pulled into another cell. In some prisons, inmates can talk to one another through the vents of interconnected ductwork. Whatever their method, prisoners, by no other choice, are incredibly resourceful, and right now they’re yakking up a storm.

It may seem odd how the current hot topic among death row inmates is indeed politics, but in actuality, it isn’t odd at all. Joe Biden is all the rage. Grandpa Joe is a liberal kind of guy who doesn’t buy into the eye for an eye concept, or a life for a life if you will. Capital punishment isn’t his cup of decaf tea.

With mounds of newly created slop already piling up on his plate, Biden has been quiet on the issue of capital punishment since taking office. Trump, being well aware of Biden’s stance on the matter, rushed through 13 executions at the federal penitentiary in Terra Haute, Indiana, the last of which was only four days prior to Biden stepping into the Oval Office.

All 13 executions took place over a six-month period, reducing the death row inmate population in Terra Haute from 63 to 50. While on the campaign trail, and on his campaign website, Biden made a big deal over ending federal executions. He never explained how he plans on doing this, and in all likelihood, he probably doesn’t even remember making such a promise. He says what he’s told to say.

For two hours a day, the inmates are released from their 12-by-7-foot cages for the purposes of using a highly-monitored and secure prison internet system. Four of the remaining 50 inmates agreed to communicate via email with the Associated Press, saying how they are on pins and needles waiting to see if Biden will hold true to his words.

Through the eyes of dangerous inmates such as these, life behind bars is much more appealing than their current slated fates. Rejon Taylor, 36, has been on death row going on 13 years for killing an Atlanta restaurant owner in 2008. “There’s not a day that goes by that we’re not scanning the news for hints of when or if the Biden administration will take meaningful action to implement his promises,” he wrote.

While the inmates remain hopeful, let’s not lose sight of why they are where they are in the first place. All 50 of them are convicted cold-blooded murderers who intentionally did what they set out to do. Their collective blood-saturated trail of victims includes children, entire families, convenience store clerks, bankers, and perhaps even someone you knew. These deaths did not occur by accident, and in the majority of cases, they were brutal.

The name Dylann Roof should ring a bell. He’s the white supremacist from South Carolina who walked into a church and killed nine of their Black members as they were studying God’s holy word. He’s one of the 50 who’s still breathing even though his victims have been dead since 2015 and their friends and families continue to grieve to this day.

Having no desire to suffer the same fates as what they willfully doled out, the inmates said they were happy to see Trump go before he got around to them. They’re a tight-knit family and it breaks their hearts to watch one of their own take the final walk to a small nearby building.

Daniel Toyo has been waiting his turn to die since 2009 when he killed a man, his wife, and their two children in a botched drug deal in Florida. Toyo wrote, “When it’s quiet here, which it often is, you’ll hear someone say, ‘Damn, I can’t believe they’re gone!’ We all know what they are referencing.”

The question is, will Biden go soft on these wretches of society who have without conscience caused the deaths and suffering of countless innocent citizens, or was he lying to get the liberal vote? Either way, he didn’t put a whole lot of thought into this one. He’s screwed, blued, and tattooed no matter which way he goes.

This is a dangerous question to ask our readers, but here goes. What do you think should be done with the 50 remaining choir boys? And go…