This Makes No Sense! Weddings Are Okay but Dancing Is Forbidden

Washington DC has decided that they don’t want to listen to CDC regulations. They don’t even want to listen to science.

At this point, it’s easier to see that the COVID restrictions are more about control than about actually helping the country to move forward. It’s as if DC politicians want to figure out just how far they can push things.

The rules about what can and cannot happen at weddings are a perfect example. They’ll allow up to 250 guests to gather in a single reception hall indoors to celebrate the happy couple. They’ll allow food, music, and all of the traditional things that happen at a reception.

Only, no dancing.

How does dancing have anything to do with the spread of COVID-19 in comparison to anything else that may happen at a reception? Well, you’d have to be inside of liberal mayor Muriel Bowser to understand the thought process.

According to the DC mayor, “Attendees and guests must remain seated and socially distanced from each other or other household groups.”

This ban is in place for both indoor and outdoor weddings.

Neither standing nor dancing is being permitted according to the latest order.

Hmmm…this doesn’t seem to make sense at all.

The order doesn’t allow for any wiggle room. What if people are wearing masks? What if everyone is vaccinated?

It seems as though the order is based out of spring 2020 when vaccinations weren’t even available yet. DC has simply decided to punish brides and grooms with this order, and it doesn’t make sense.

Event planner Stephanie Sadowski said that the mayor’s decision has blindsided everyone. “I cannot even believe we’re in 2021 right now, and we are saying no dancing.”

If we believe everything that the CDC and Dr. Fauci tell us, it would appear that dancing (and standing) should be allowed. After all, the masks are supposed to keep the virus from spreading. And, if people are vaccinated, they should be able to be in close proximity without a mask.

For those who want to dance, most dance floors are large enough to allow for some social distancing.

How is dancing any different than Congress meeting for a joint session in a large room? They all get together, shake hands, and give hugs.

Yet again, the Democratic governor is telling people to “Do as I say, not as I do.”

As the event planner has said, this is something out of “Footloose.” No dancing in DC because it’s got the potential to spread COVID-19. This might be one of the most ridiculous orders to come out since the beginning of the pandemic.

What about everything else? Can the bride and groom cut the cake or will that spread germs to the cake for everyone else? What about throwing the garter and the bouquet? Could that, too, spread the germs to everyone else in the reception hall?

Clearly, the mayor and the rest of the city council didn’t think these COVID orders through. And if they expect that people will simply follow the orders without arguing, they’re wrong.

DC will never have a fully recovered economy if they continue with such orders. Saying “No dancing” is a way to see how far they can take things. There’s no way that this is about keeping people safe. This is all about control. If they can get people to avoid dancing at a wedding, think about added levels of control they may be able to exert.

Even New York is easing restrictions more than what DC is doing. In New York, people are now able to gather for wakes and funerals. Weddings are being booked. And in California, even Disney Land has finally opened up.

DC isn’t paying attention. They’re doing their own thing. They’ve become an experiment for the federal government to see just how much control they can exert without pushback. If they think brides aren’t going to demand at least a first dance and a daddy/daughter dance at their expensive DC weddings, Mayor Bowser better get ready for battle.