The Hidden Hypocrisy Behind Accepting Refugees…Who and What You Are Matters in the Game of Life and Death

Janossy Gergely/

Over two-million Ukrainian refugees have crossed Poland’s border to safety. Wartorn faces lined with the crevices of trauma and despair as they leave the only life they’ve ever known in the hands of Russian warriors hellbent on obliterating their homes to piles of rubble and ashes.

With abandoned hopes and dreams, glazed over eyes, and the inability to fully comprehend the evil disruption of their once-peaceful existence, the citizens of Ukraine are running for their very lives as the Russians make no distinction between murdering men, women, or children. They’re all fair game.

Let’s rewind to 2015 when the same Russian army was relentlessly dropping bombs on Syria with no regard or remorse for the thousands upon thousands of innocent civilians who got in their way. Because of the ongoing ever-changing state-of-affairs in the Mid-East the Russian invasion of Syria, while publicized, didn’t receive the same widespread attention as Ukraine has.

The attack on Syria lacked sufficient shock value to gain world interest or compassion. Besides, they were just uneducated Muslims who didn’t measure up to Western standards anyway so may Allah be with them. 

As literally millions of Syrians ran for border they were met with resistance. Nobody wanted them in their ragged hijabs, their minimal hygiene standards, and their bare pockets. Not to mention their heathenistic worship of a false god.

There were images of huge crowds being crushed against wire fences as fleeing refugees rushed the Greece-Macedonia border. One such photo showed a desperate father holding his sick and listless daughter high in the air as he said, “Look at her, look at her state, In Syria, she was a princess.”

It took the Russian invasion of Ukraine to open the eyes of the world to the evilness of the Kremlin. The Russian government knows no boundaries and nothing is off-limits. There is no rules-of-war playbook and they’re immune to world condemnation. 

This time around Russia made the grave mistake of going after people who more resemble the citizens of the western world. People who might pray differently but are at least smart enough to be speaking to the right god. We can see ourselves in them. There was a time when Syrians were asking, “Why doesn’t the world care about us,” and though the answer was always there nobody wanted to shoot straight with them. 

It was because, in the eyes of the world’s puppetmasters, Syria was a liability not worth the bombs Russia was dropping on it. It wasn’t and still isn’t a significant equation in the geopolitical calculus that defines a nation’s importance. No leader anywhere in their right mind wants to welcome in hordes of unskilled, broke, and hungry refugees who’ll only serve to spiral their economy straight down the dumper.

Politicians have described Ukrainians as “prosperous middle-class people” just like “the family next door.” They’re “civilized.” Based on these comments it would appear that human value is only calculated by the number of relatable likenesses to the victims with a point being deducted for each difference until they no longer count.

But this has been the way of the world since the dawning of time. It’s not about to change anytime soon and we’re only fooling ourselves by believing it ever will. It isn’t so much a political issue as it is the nature of humanity. Us. 

So, perhaps the world has learned a thing or two from current events but it’s doubtful. But at least we have been taught one thing. Putin is a far greater murderous monster than he’s been given credit for and if you think he’s going to stop with Ukraine you might want to realign your thoughts. He’ll continue to spill the blood of innocent people until he’s stopped, and unlike the rest of us, he has no prejudice. Muslim, Christian, Jew, White, Brown, Black, doesn’t matter even one small iota. 

Putin’s war may eventually entail U.S. and NATO forces going in with guns blazing to once and for all put an end to his madness, but if there was ever a war worth fighting this would be the one. Maybe once the bad apple is removed from the barrel and things once again settle down we can work on that whole humanitarian thing. But business first.