The ‘Gruesome Foursome’ Will Come A-Knocking…


If you haven’t figured it out by now, the stage of world politics is a lot like the basic family unit. You have the parents, i.e., nations like the United States and England, both of which have been a superpower for generations now and seemingly tasked with keeping everyone in line and the world at peace. And then you have the children. Basically, these are any nations that consistently need attention, care, and/or guidance.

In a perfect world, it wouldn’t have to be this way. Each nation should have the foresight to see the consequences of their actions, know right from wrong, and want to live peacefully with others. However, as we well know, this is not a perfect world, and as such, ‘parental figures’ of sorts are required to ensure that peace and success for all is the goal.

Naturally, some are more grown than others, needing less and less attention from the parental units and even becoming powerful and successful allies in their own right. After all, that is the goal of parenting, is it not? To raise one’s children so that they eventually can become a contributing and successful part of society, knowing how to manage one’s life and choices on their own?

But, of course, the balance and process of getting to that point depend on the parents’ strength.

As I am sure you know, children like to test the boundaries. While it might be annoying or even frowned upon, it is how they learn. These situations, if handled correctly, can be great teaching moments for them, allowing them to learn how, when, and why to behave in a certain manner.

When it comes to nations that do not fully grasp either reality or the consequences of their actions, it is then up to the parents to rein them in, remind them of lessons taught when they were younger, or teach them new ones. This requires that the parent consistently show its strength and make it known that specific actions say crossing boundaries and invading another country’s territory, will not be permitted.

If this is not done, those children will go awry, doing what they want, when they want, and without any thought to anyone but themselves.

And when it comes to nations like Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, that is exactly what Biden’s far too lax parenting has allowed.

These nations are what contributor for The Western Journal, Bob Ehrlich, calls the “gruesome foursome.” Essentially, they are like unruly teenagers. They have power and strength, and they know it. But they don’t always consider just how that strength and their flexing of it will affect others, particularly when used for their own gains and not that of the greater good.

They also need a firm hand that they can respect to ensure that when prickly situations arise, they don’t just fly off the handle and start invading other nations or sending bombs in their direction.

They had that with former President Donald Trump. Thanks to sanctions and agreements, even agreements broken, these nations knew that the US meant business. They knew that there were rules that must be followed or else.

However, Democratic President Joe Biden doesn’t exactly use the same parenting techniques. In his short time as the leader of the free world, he’s lifted sanctions, made “friends” with those he should be wary of, and weakened America’s muscles and voice.

And the kids know it.

Instead of the world’s strongest and largest military presence, those nations now see a group of woke leftists too worried about making sure they aren’t offending anyone. Instead of a parental figure who can provide for themselves, they now see an energy-dependent nation on everyone else. And rather than seeing an administration concerned with the needs of their citizens, they see one that consistently looks for power and money above all else.

No wonder Russia, China, Iran, and now North Korea no longer respect the US’s leadership. No wonder they are all starting to test the boundaries, knowing full well that Biden won’t rein them in.

The only hope of restoring that balance of power and ensuring a world working towards the same goal is to make sure that, come November, the adults are put back in charge.