The End of Freedom: Couple Arrested and Placed Under House Arrest Over Refusal to Sign COVID-19 Pledge

When this Kentucky couple tested positive for COVID-19, they were given an ultimatum. They were told that they needed to sign a quarantine pledge and they refused. It only took four days before they were slapped with ankle bracelets. If the couple ventures over 200 feet from their home, they will be arrested.

Both members of the couple are not believed to be positive but the assumption was made because of exposure. If a spouse tests positive, the other one is usually asked to quarantine. That makes sense but the ankle bracelets. Elizabeth Linscott was only tested because she wanted to go see her grandparents.

That’s the responsible thing to do in these scenarios. “My grandparents wanted to see me, too, so, just to make sure that, you know, if I tested negative, that they would be okay, everything would be fine,” said Linscott. She tested positive but was not displaying any symptoms. Her husband would be asked to quarantine as well, just to be on the safe side.

This woman’s decision to comply with the Health Department backfired on her terribly. Instead of being given the chance to remain in compliance on her own, she was asked to sign documentation. When she refused to do that, she was slapped with an ankle bracelet and treated like a common criminal.

Because of her refusal to sign, law enforcement officials had to get involved. Allegedly, Elizabeth received a text message from the local officials, and they let her know that she was going to be held responsible for her actions. It’s sad that things had to escalate so quickly. The county sheriff even paid the couple a visit personally. That had to be terrifying for them.

Imagine being in your home and feeling like you are in compliance with the law, only to find the county sheriff knocking at your door. Anyone who is continuing to take the tests and attempting to comply with their local government is placing themselves directly in harm’s way. This couple was trying to do the right thing and now they are being told that they cannot even go outside.

To the best of our knowledge, Elizabeth’s husband has not been tested. No one even knows if he is positive. Why is he being asked to stay indoors as well? It does not make much sense. The Democrats may believe that everyone can simply stay inside and wait for a vaccine to arrive but that is not the case. People are going to want to resume a semi normal life as soon as possible.

The idea that people would isolate 100 percent of the time for an indeterminate period was always a misnomer. We wonder if there are any independent evaluators who are willing to contradict what is being said by the so called “experts” at the moment. The CDC has already gone full leftist and it is only a matter of time before other organizations are ready to follow suit.

The nation’s resources are going to be drained fairly quickly if people are going to be tested like this all of the time and then forced to remain indoors. This family was just trying to do right by their grandparents and get tested beforehand. They were repaid with ankle bracelets. The rest of us are sitting back and wondering where we go from here. Is the government going to have an even greater level of control over our lives?

It’s a fair question to ask, for sure. The Americans who try their best to remain in compliance are being treated like outlaws and the prison systems are looking into the release of more violent criminals. It’s like we are living in some sort of crazy topsy turvy underworld. The adjective “dystopian” is thrown around far too much these days but that’s exactly where we are at right now. Things may end up getting much worse before they have a chance to get better.