The Dems’ War Against Small Businesses! COVID-19 Protection Against Frivolous Lawsuits Dropped

Now that the vaccines are starting to circulate, there is more talk about immunity than ever before. However, the immunity discussions are not just about COVID-19. Business owners all over America are thinking about the immunity discussions that have been taking place in Washington, D.C. over the past few days.

Legal immunity for these businesses is a major topic and for good reason. Take the family that owns Big Moose Inn in Millinocket, Maine, for instance. Like many other small businesses, they have been brought to their knees by the pandemic. Now, they are in legal hot water that could keep them from being able to remain in business for the foreseeable future.

Is the state of Maine coming after them? No, they are actually being sued by the families who were killed by COVID-19 after attending a wedding reception at the Big Moose Inn. These are not the only people who are looking to cash in on the current state of affairs. The nation is dealing with what is essentially a natural disaster and some people think that they deserve to profit.

It’s hard to wrap one’s mind around but this is what small businesses all over the country are facing. The dilemma is a tough one. Either you open your doors and try to scrounge up enough money to keep the lights on another day…..or you remain closed, removing all doubt. When small businesses had to make this choice, they were left between a rock and a hard place.

“Plans for a lawsuit against a Maine venue that hosted what became a “superspreader” wedding reception underscore the liability risks to small businesses amid the coronavirus pandemic and an uphill push by Republicans in Congress to give such outfits legal immunity.

Behemoths like Walmart and Tyson Foods, which have been the target of COVID-19-related lawsuits, can largely absorb any losses. But hundreds of negligence lawsuits have been filed across the country, with mom-and-pops most fearing the prospect of litigation that could put them under,” reads a report from the Associated Press.

There is a lot of truth to that statement. The larger businesses can afford to handle those types of payouts. “They can end up losing even if they win a lawsuit,” said David Clough, of the National Federation of Independent Businesses, because costly litigation can bankrupt small businesses that don’t have deep pockets. This is something that no one is stopping to consider during this unnecessary witch hunt.

When it comes to liability cases, we are in uncharted waters. It would set a dangerous legal precedent to simply hand out a blank check to everyone who has been affected. The Big Moose Inn lawsuit provides us with a wonderful example to go on. The Inn did their best to safeguard the wedding party. People were divided into two rooms to meet the capacity concerns and clearly posted signs that required attendees to wear masks were provided. How can the Inn be held responsible?

It’s time for people to start taking accountability. These people knew exactly what they were getting into when they decided to have this event. The Big Moose Inn cannot be held responsible because they elected to take that risk. They can only provide the venue and the proper warnings. Anything that happens after that? It should fall to the people who were silly enough to insist upon having a big gathering in the middle of a global pandemic.

The Democrats clearly see it that way, too, even if they cannot come out and say it. They do not care what happens to small businesses as a result of the pandemic and while they used this as a talking point during the stimulus negotiations, people are seeing through it. Once all of the businesses vanish in a hail of class action lawsuits, people are going to wish that they heeded all of the obvious warning signs.